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What is the TLC?

TLC Logo Tukwut Leadership Circle (TLC) is designed to support your leadership, interpersonal, career, and professional development through weekly workshops and campus & civic engagement. 

Our Logo: 

Our logo symbolizes that your impact radiates out in ways that you may never know or see.  Just like a circle that has no clear beginning or end – your leadership journey is ever evolving.

Your actions change depending on the context and we hope that our program teaches you the value of focusing inward for the answers to leadership challenges, gathering confidence, skills and momentum with each step you take.

Program Benefits & Highlights:

  • Be mentored by a TLC Peer Leader, a program graduate who will support your successful completion.
  • Experience interactive and fun weekly leadership workshops.
  • Gain on and off-campus experiences to build your resume and campus connections.
  • Meet and set goals pertaining to your career and major.
  • Explore majors and career options relating to your personality preferences according to Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator.
  • Gain real-life interview skills to help you shine in your next interview.
  • Meet students from across disciplines and outside of your major.
  • Earn up to 3 different leadership certificates within one year:
    • 1.Tukwut Leadership Circle (Foundational Leadership) Certificate (TLC) – Step 1
    • 2.Multicultural Intelligence & Leadership Certificate (MIL) – Step 2
    • 3.United Nations Educational Science & Cultural Organization (UNESCO) – Can be earned with TLC or MIL up to 2x


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Program Coordinator: Dr. Shannon Nolan-Arañez
(760) 750-4973 


 The program is well-structured, is purpose-driven. It opens your eyes to new ways that leadership is important and effective. It shows the possibilities of becoming an engaging and successful leader, while it teaches about yourself and your role in the community. - Zsuzsanna, Fall 2020 Graduate

Key Frameworks: 


Co-Curricular Model