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Leadership Programs

The Tukwut Leadership Circle provides a fun and meaningful way for ALL students to learn more about leadership and their potential as campus leaders. Sequential in nature, students must complete the Tukwut Leadership Circle before pursuing the Multicultural Intelligence & Leadership (MIL) certificate.

However, students may earn a UNESCO certificate in conjunction with either  the TLC Leadership or MIL certificates as civic engagement if they complete 7 mural events. Learn more by visiting the respective links below. 

3 Leadership Certificates: 


First Level:

TLC Leadership Certifcate

Multicultural Competency Intensive

Second Level:

Multicultural Intelligence & Leadership


UNESCO & M:POWR Mural Project

(Earned in conjunction with TLC or MIL)


LEAD RETREAT: An annual retreat for 1st & 2nd year students hosted each Fall.

LEAD RETREAT: An annual retreat for 1st & 2nd year students!