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Multicultural Competency Emphasis

In collaboration with the Cross-Cultural Center, the TLC now has the option for students to emphasize in "Multicultural Competency" (MC) - a value of CSUSM and a skill most employers seek in CSUSM graduates. MC graduates will be invited to the annual TLC reception where they will receive their certificate(s) signed by President Haynes. Please see the two pathways below:  

TLC Graduates Seeking Leadership & Multicultural Competency Emphasis: 

  1. TLC Certificate was already earned a prior term 
  2. Submit your interest in the TLC MC Emphasis on the Interest Form
  3. Attend 2 Civility Dialogues or Cafes 
  4. Attend 2 events hosted by a Social Justice Centers 
  5. Interview a leader either on campus or at a non-profit who serves marginalized groups.
  6. Write a reflection paper about social justice and leadership and why inclusion matters to you, and what you learned from the leader that you interviewed. 
  7. Apply for TLC MC graduation.
  8. Complete a TLC panel exit interview.

New TLC Students Seeking Leadership Certificate with an Emphasis in Multicultural Competency: 

  1. Submit your intention to complete the MC emphasis on the TLC Interest Form.
  2. Complete the TLC criteria in one or two semesters 
  3. Attend at least 2 diversity themed TLC workshops within your 7 minimum. Indicated with an astrisk ** on the schedule.
  4. Meet your campus engagement hours by attending:
    1. 1 Civility Cafe
    2. 1 Civility Dialogue
    3. 1 Conversations that Matter or event hosted by a Social Justice Center 
  5. Meet your civic engagement hours by attending an M:POWR mural project or Cesar Chavez Day of Service