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Generally, Student Organizations help to enhance the quality of student life on campus. We strongly recommend that all students should be involved in some kind of activity outside of the classroom. To achieve this goal Student Life & Leadership recognizes and assists student organizations at Cal State University San Marcos.

  • Why should I get involved?

     Research has repeatedly shown that out-of class experience has a major impact on college students-emotionally, socially, morally, and physically, as well as mentally. (Arthur Chickering and Associates: by Theodore K. Miller and John D. Jones)

    Student involvement in the life of the college has been found to relate positively to numerous variables, such as satisfaction with college, retention, academic achievement, and loyalty.

    Involvement creates connections between students, faculty, and staff that allow individuals to believe their own personal worth. (Nancy K. Schlossberg professor of counseling and personnel services, University of Maryland, College Park)

  • How can I join a student org?

    Joining an org is as easy as contacting the officers through the on-line directory to learn more about their meetings and membership policies. If you have trouble reaching a group, please visit Student Life & Leadership in USU 3600 or contact SLL at (760)750-4970
  • What other benefits will I receive from being an involved student?

    • Make social connections and find a sense of community.
    • Make a positive difference on campus and in the community.
    • Develop transferable leadership skills.
    • Interact with faculty, alumni, business and community leaders and experts in various disciplines.
    • Increase the likelihood that you will succeed in achieving your academic degree.
    • Gain exposure to potential career fields by collaborating with professionals and staff.
    • Enhance your resume with demonstrated skills valued by potential employers.