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How To Apply

The Fall 2018 application is now open!

The deadline for all applications is January 5, 2018. Click on the Fall 2018 Admissions Timeline for more details.

A complete application for the MS SLP program includes the following. Please fully read each set of instructions before starting each application step.

Step 1: Your Online Interview (required)

Step 1 Instructions

Step 2: Your Online Application (required)

You will need your basic transcript information and confirmation of Step 1 completion here

Step 2 Instructions

Step 3: Your Supplemental Application (required)

Step 3 Instructions

Step 4: Submit official transcripts to CSUSM (required)

Step 4 Instructions

Step 5: International Student Applicants ONLY

Step 5 Instructions

Step 6 (Optional): Your OSEP Training Grant Application

For more details about the grant, click on OSEP Training Grant webpage. All MS SLP applicants can apply for the OSEP grant. Only admitted MS SLP students can participate in the grant.

Step 6 Instructions