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Speech-Language Pathology Assistant

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Program Overview

The Department of Speech-Language Pathology offers an Assistant program. Students can be prepared to work in clinical settings as a speech-language pathology assistant. Under the direction of a certified and licensed speech-language pathologist, SLP assistants implement treatment plans for communicative disorders, assist the SLP during assessments and provide support duties such as documenting patient progress, scheduling activities and preparing charts. The curriculum qualifies students to apply for licensure with the state of California and prepares students for the national ASHA SLPA certification exam.

Program At A Glance:

  • 145 hours clinical component
  • Complete program in one semester
  • Students are responsible for finding their own California licensed and ASHA certified speech-language  pathologist who will serve as their supervisor
  • Program is fully online, coursework is synchronous and fieldwork hours can be completed anywhere in California
  • Not Financial Aid eligible
  • Coursework makes students eligible to sit for the SLPA certification exam
  • Exam preparation included in the program
  • Option for students who do not want to pursue a master's degree
  • Fieldwork hours:
    • Only if the student meets the minimum 145 clinical fieldwork hours and passes their coursework
    • *If for some reason the student does not meet the minimum clinical fieldwork hours, the student will need to receive an incomplete and continue their clinical field work experience until minimum number of hours is reached

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Contact the SLPA coordinator, Rachel Nortz, M.A., CCC/SLP with questions or 760-750-7381