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Social Sciences

Social Sciences

Social Sciences Overview

The Social Sciences Major is a multidisciplinary program which aims to provide students with a broad understanding and appreciĀ­ation of the perspectives on contemporary social issues offered by multiple social sciences disciplines. The student chooses a Primary Field and two Secondary Fields. The Primary Field is chosen from seven disciplines: border studies, communication, history, political science, psychology, sociology, and women's studies. Secondary Fields are chosen from these seven disciplines and from other specified social science courses. 

The Social Sciences Major is appropriate for students with career interests in human services and social work, education, counseling, busiĀ­ness, and government. Students interested in the Social Science Major are encouraged to discuss their education and career objectives with the Social Science Program Director.

Mission and Values

The mission of the Social Sciences B.A. degree program is to prepare students to be informed citizens who use multidisciplinary understandings of concepts, theories, and methods from the social sciences to respond to a range of human experiences, events, and real world social problems. The major prepares students for employment in varied fields and professions that include human services and social work, education, counseling, business, and government as well as the pursuit of advanced degrees in social science disciplines.