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MASP Announcements and Congratulations

Angélica Ruíz  (M.A. 2019) was nominated for the CSUSM Graduate Dean’s Award for 2018-2019.

Sterling Briggs (sponsored by Dr. Santos) has been awarded the 2019- 2020 Sally Casanova Pre-Doctoral Scholarship.

Jamie Jackson has been awarded two 2019-2020 National Institute of Justice American Indian and Alaska Native Student Travel Scholarships.

James Garcia, chair of the CSUSM Graduate Representatives Council (2018-2020), co-organized the university’s first Grad Slam and graduate student graduation celebration.

Marilyn Huerta  co-organized an event for the 2019-2020 Arts & Lectures Series, “The Power of a Story: Building Resiliency for Veterans through Community and Conversations” 

Noemi Jara (M.A. 2019) is continuing her community involvement with Native Like Water’s Intertribal Youth Program. 

Norma Larios (M.A. 2011) will be joining the CSUSM Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs as the Director of Divisional Operations in August 2019.

Jordan Grasso (M.A. 2017) will be joining UC Irvine’s doctoral program in Criminology, Law & Society in Fall 2019.

Marilyn Huerta taught a 6 week-online course, Healing Through the Arts—Train the Trainer, for the CSU Palliative Care Institute:

Vanessa Martinez and Filiberto Lopez-Barron (M.A. 2019) attended the  2019 California Forum for Diversity in Education at UC Davis.

Kelsey Sportsman (M.A. 2019) presented a paper, Suburban Values: Meeting the Status Quo and Upholding White Supremacy Through Hyper-Local Social Networks, at the 4th Annual Sociology and Criminology & Justice Studies Research Symposium.

Damon Stevens participated in the Graduate Fair at the 2019 Pacific Sociological Association Meeting in Oakland, California

Katie Roethel  (M.A 2016 ) was reclassified and promoted to CSUSM’s Office of Graduate Studies and Research’s Budget and Research Analyst.

Karen Villa (M.A 2015)  published in an edited collection, The Pilipinx Radical Imaginary Reader that was acknowledged by CNN Philippines.

Daisy Avila has been awarded the 2018-2019 Sally Casanova Pre-Doctoral Fellowship. Dr.  Xuan Santos is her sponsor. 

Kristen Schmidt (M.A. 2018) has been accepted to the Sociology Ph.D. Program at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.

Felipe Rendon (M.A. Spring 2018) has been awarded the Sally Casanova Pre-Doctoral Fellowship (sponsor: Dr. Santos).  He will work with Dr. Emir Estrada at Arizona State University as part of his fellowship.

Dawn Lee (M.A. Fall 2017) was nominated for the CSUSM Graduate Dean’s Award for 2017-2018 .  

Roxanna Llamas (M.A. 2017) will be presenting her thesis research at the 11th Global Studies Conference in Granada, Spain this July. 

Olivia Victory  (M.A. 2016) is working as a program coordinator for a non-profit called Promises2Kids. 

Karen Villa (M.A 2015) has been accepted to the Sociology doctoral program at University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) for Fall 2018.

Yolanda Catano  (M.A. 2015) is currently working as the Administrative Technician of the Title III, HSI STEM Grant at San Diego Mesa College. In addition, she works part-time as the HSI Educational Researcher at Cuyamaca College and she was accepted into the EdD Program in Educational Leadership at San Diego State for Fall 2018. 

Martin Leyva was awarded the 2017 the Student Champion for Inclusive Excellence Award by President Haynes.

Luis Canseco, Noemi Jara, Filiberto Lopez-Barron, Martin Leyva, Vanessa Martinez were awarded 2017-2018 Hein Family Fellowships. 

Barbara Imle was accepted to the Sociology Ph.D. program at Portland State University and will be joining them in Fall 2017.

Luis Higinio was accepted to the Ph.D. program in Sociology at the University of California Riverside and granted the prestigious Eugene Cota Robles Award. He will be joining them in Fall 2017.

Jose (Stalin) Plascencia-Castillo, Ph.D. student at University of California Riverside has been accepted to the 2017/2018 CSU Chancellor’s Doctoral Incentive Program. His CSU sponsor is Dr. Chris Bickel.

Lori Walkington, Ph.D. student at University of California Riverside was accepted into 2016/2017 CSU Chancellor’s Doctoral Incentive Program. Her sponsor is Dr. Sharon Elise.

Tanya Camacho, Denise Nealon, and Flor Saldana were awarded the 2016-17 Hein Family Scholarship.

Oscar Soto was awarded the 2015-2016 Chancellor’s Office Sally Casanova Pre-Doctoral Fellowship. He now attends the Sociology doctoral program at University of California Santa Barbara.

Congratulations to Dr. Marisol Clark-Ibáñez and various MASP student collaborators on publishing their book, Undocumented Latino Youth: Navigating Their Worlds, in July 2015. Learn more about the book.