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The School of Education at California State University San Marcos began preparing elementary school teachers in 1990. At that time, there were 6 faculty members and 30 graduating students. Today, the scope has expanded to include preparation programs in middle level education, high school education, bilingual education, special education and school administration. There are some 33 tenure-line faculty, 4 distinguished teachers in residence and 20 lecturers. On May 13, 2006 over 450 students participated in commencement, and the School now serves over 400 graduate students and 32 doctoral candidates.

We are proud of our 21 year history, in which the School of Education has been engaged in helping educators create equitable pathways that ensure the success of all students. There is still work to be done and the School of Education is committed to working with our public school partners to close the achievement gap in reading writing and math. Your help is needed to achieve our goals.

Fundraising at Colleges and Universities has become increasingly more important over the years. No longer can public institutions of higher education rely solely on tax support from the State and tuition fees to make their operating budgets. This is definitely true for the School of Education at Cal State San Marcos. We hope we can count on you to make a tax deductible gift that will be used to provide scholarship/student support, improve facilities and underwrite academic programs. Tomorrow's teachers need your support today.

Thank you.

Ways to Give

Give Online

Give Cash Gifts by Mail

Send a check or money order (payable to CSUSM Foundation/SoE) to:

CSUSM University Advancement
333 S. Twin Oaks Valley Road
San Marcos, CA 92096-0001

"Money is never so honored as when it is used to educate."


Reasons to Give to the School of Education

  • Your gift makes a difference!
  • It strengthens the School of Education's ability to provide scholarships, and fund important programs and projects.
  • It gives you tax advantages.
  • It shows your appreciation for the impact the School of Education had on your life.
  • It gives tangible evidence to foundations and corporations that alumni and friends support the mission of the School of Education.

Your Gifts Make a Significant Difference!

To Students

Your support provides scholarship support to deserving students, many of whom would not be able to get their teaching credentials without these gifts.

To Faculty

Your support allows faculty to provide important outreach programs to the community, and improve their academic offerings.

To Alumni

Your support sustains the prestige of the Cal State San Marcos teaching and graduate credentials.  As our reputation grows, so does the respect and interest we get from the community.

To Community

Your support ensures that community schools will continue to get the best trained teachers and administrators.

To The School of Education

Your support enables the School of Education to fulfill its mission to collaboratively transform education by preparing thoughtful educators and advancing professional practices.

Ways to Give

Making a gift to the School of Education will help fulfill its vision of helping educators create equitable pathways that ensure the success of all students, and as a result, close the current achievement gap prevalent in many schools.

Give Online

Giving online is simple, fast and has an immediate impact.

Give Cash Gifts by Mail

Send your check or money order (payable to CSUSM Foundation/SoE) to:

CSUSM University Advancement
333 S. Twin Oaks Valley Road
San Marcos, CA 92096-0001

These gifts will go to the Annual Fund and help provide for student scholarships, faculty development, innovative technology and enhanced educational programs. Contributions are fully tax-deductible as provided by law. If you prefer to direct your gift to a specific area, please contact:

Stacy Slagor
Director of Philanthropy 
University Advancement
760-750-4402 or

Below is a list of additional ways you can give to the School of Education.

Estate Planning

Planned giving ensures that your giving options will continue beyond your lifetime. Many donors find they can make a greater contribution to their favorite charity with deferred giving plans. Planned giving options include naming Cal State San Marcos/School of Education as a beneficiary in your will, living trust, insurance policy, IRA, Keogh, 401 (k) or profit sharing plan. 


Through gifts-in-kind, a donor can help the School of Education strengthen its program and improve its facilities in order to offer the best possible educational experience to students. A gift-in-kind is a tangible item or product, which once donated can either be used by the university or sold to an outside party (where proceeds are then applied to philanthropic programs). 

Life Insurance

A gift of life insurance can provide a substantial tax deduction. You can either name School of Education as the irrevocable beneficiary of an existing policy, or purchase a new policy on behalf of the School of Education.

Real Estate

A gift of property entitles you to an income tax deduction for the property's fully appraised fair market value.  Almost any marketable real estate is suitable for a charitable gift, including personal residences.


Making a gift of securities (stocks, bonds, or mutual funds) allows a donor to take a charitable deduction based on the full fair market value of the securities.  You can avoid capital gains tax with a gift of appreciated stock.

The School of Education is pleased to offer a wide range of commemorative gift options for donors who wish to establish enduring tributes or permanent memorials to individuals, families or organizations. Opportunities also exist for donors to make gifts to the university in memory or honor of a loved one or friend.