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Virginia Hansen

Virginia Hansen dedicated her life to being the best teacher possible for the children in her care, and as a cooperating teacher, she helped numerous student teachers hone their knowledge and skills in the classroom. The Virginia Hansen Endowment fund was established in the School of Education through the generosity of Mr. Victor Hansen. It is intended to honor the work and memory of Mrs. Virginia Hansen.


Curriculum can be referred to as “what” is taught, while instruction is “how” it is taught. Together they assist the process of learning and help to achieve the learning goals. Curriculum is the totality of teaching and learning resources and the organization/arrangement of resources and human capacities that shape students’ educational experience. Curriculum is not just a collection of materials or a course of study. Curriculum can include core principles, values, programs, events, clubs, technology infrastructure, and even how time and space are utilized. 

Curriculum as defined by the Virginia Hansen Committee includes both (a) learning tools that allow for the integration of core concepts with key skills that prepare students to locate, acquire, and create knowledge as well as (b) tools that provide opportunities for students to demonstrate content knowledge, creativity, communication, and collaboration. 

Hansen Curriculum Room

Upon entering the Hansen Curriculum Room up on the 5th floor of the Kellogg Library (KEL 5106), you will notice that the materials in that room are arranged differently than in the rest of the library. Please watch this short video on how to find a book in the curriculum room: "How to Find a Book"

Hansen Workroom (KEL 5104) Hours:
Please contact your SoE/SLP instructor to make arrangements to use the workroom. Only SoE/SLP faculty can checkout the key to use the room; students are not permitted to check out the workroom key.