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Middle Level Courses

First Semester

EDMI 511 Middle Level Teaching and Learning I
EDMI 521 Middle Level Literacy I                      
EDMI 543 Middle Level Mathematics Education
EDMI 555 Middle Level Multilingual Education
EDMI 571 Clinical Practice in Middle Schools I*

Second Semester

EDMI 512 Middle Level Teaching and Learning II
EDMI 522 Middle Level Literacy II
EDMI 544 Middle Level Social Studies Education
EDMI 545 Middle Level Science Education
EDMI 572 Clinical Practice in Middle Schools II*

Additional Courses Required For Bilingual Authorization: Spanish Emphasis ONLY

Students seeking the Bilingual Authorization along with their credential must take the following classes in addition to the classes listed above:

First Semester

EDUC 653 Biliteracy Education I: Contexts for Learning Syllabus

Second Semester

EDUC 654 Biliteracy Education II: Methodology and Cultural Contexts


*Students seeking the Bilingual Authorization along with their credential are also required to take the following class in place of either EDMI 571, EDMI 572, or both:

EDMI 573 Clinical Practice in Middle Level Bilingual/ELD Settings