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Middle Level FAQs

Do we have any choice in deciding on beginning or ending dates for the clinical practice experience?
The clinical practice experience timeline is determined by the School of Education Middle Level Program. Rarely, special arrangements are made with Clinical Practice Director for a different start or stop date.

When and how should we expect to be notified of our clinical practice assignments?
A member of the middle level teaching team will contact students within the first 2 weeks of the semester with placement information.

Is it possible to skip clinical practice a semester and do it the following semester?
A letter must be submitted to the Clinical Practice Director requesting a postponement. Clinical practice must be completed within two years of that date or the entire program must be re-done. Candidates are responsible to contact in writing the Middle Level Clinical Practice Director at the beginning of the semester in which they plan to return.

Is it possible to request a specific placement?
A geographic area may be requested, but not a specific school site or cooperating teacher. All placements are arranged by the Clinical Practice Director. We take all requests into consideration but cannot make any promises or guarantees. Candidates may not to arrange their own placement because we have a special arrangement with districts.

What if we don’t pass the CBEST, CSET or RICA, will we be able to participate in clinical practice?
Without the multiple subject CSET and CBEST, you will not be able to do Clinical Practice II. You may student teach without the RICA, but you will not be awarded a credential until you pass the RICA.

Do we have any choice in what supervisor that we will get?
The Clinical Practice Director arranges supervisors by geographic area. Students are placed in groups in these schools. Each school has one university supervisor and one on-site liaison.

Will the cohort meet during clinical practice?
We will meet once as a cohort during both clinical practice I & II. The meeting date is set at the beginning of each clinical practice experience, generally falls during the 4th or 5th week of teaching, and occurs from 3:30-5 at Woodland Park Middle School.

Will I need a supervisor if I teach under contract?
Doing clinical practice under contract is a special circumstance. To do clinical practice under contract, a teacher candidate must be invited to do so by a district. Paperwork from Education Services Center must be completed and returned and approved. The teacher candidate must be enrolled in EDMI 571 and/or EDMI 572 at the time of the supervision. Teacher candidates may do only one experience under contract. If this becomes a consideration, contact the Clinical Practice Director immediately.

Is it possible to split clinical practice between two semesters?
In the full-time program, beginning clinical practice is done during one semester and advanced clinical practice is completed during the next semester. Part-time students may do both experiences in one semester or they may split between two semesters. This is arranged through the Clinical Practice Director.

May I do clinical practice in the summer?
Only special circumstances allow for summer clinical practice. Arrangements need to be made well in advance with the Clinical Practice Director.

Can I do Clinical Practice at an elementary or high school?
No. Because the focus of this program is on middle level education, all Clinical Practice experiences take place in middle schools.

Does a short-term substitute position qualify as one of the clinical practice experiences?
Not in most circumstances. Long-term sub positions might be considered if all the necessary clinical practice under contract paperwork has been completed and has been submitted to Education Services Center and approved by the Associate Dean. See also “Clinical Practice" under "Contract".

What if the clinical practice assignment isn’t a good fit?
A Teacher Candidate should first work with the cooperating teacher to rectify the situation. If the situation is not solved, contact the on-site liaison and university supervisor. Their role is to work with all of the parties in order to ensure an effective learning experience. If the situation appears to be not resolvable, contact the Clinical Practice Director.

Is it a rule that you may not do clinical practice at your own child’s school?
Yes. There is a great risk of conflict of interest, and exposure to another site is often in the Teacher Candidate's best interest.

Do we pay tuition for clinical practice?
Anytime you receive credit from the university, you must register and pay tuition. Clinical Practice EDMI 571 is 7 units and Clinical Practice EDMI 572 is 7 units.

May we teach without a TB test or fingerprint clearance?
No. The State of California requires anyone in the classroom to have taken a TB test and have cleared fingerprints. There are no exceptions to this rule.