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CBEST & CSET Test Preparation Resources


The CSUSM Liberal Studies B.A. (Elementary Subject Matter and Integrated Teacher Education Program Options) is now approved as a CSET I-III Waiver Program by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. This means that students who earn the Waiver do not have to take the Multiple Subject California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSETs) I-III.

In order to earn the Waiver students must finish all degree requirements for either of these two LBST Options with an overall GPA of 2.67 or higher, and graduate. Current students as well as alumni with 2004 and later catalog rights (ESM and ICP Options) are eligible to apply for the Waiver. 

Note: Non-CSUSM students and CSUSM students with catalog rights prior to 2004 are not eligible to apply for this Waiver.

CSET I-III Waiver Request

  • How to Request an Elementary Subject Matter CSET I-III Waiver Evaluation

    Eligibility: To be considered for a CSET I-III waiver evaluation, students must complete all degree requirements for the CSUSM Liberal Studies ESM Option B.A. or the ITEP Option B.A. (or the ICP Option B.A) and earn an overall GPA of 2.67 or higher in their coursework.

    Recommended Time Frame for Request if you have already graduated: If you have graduated with 2004 or later catalog rights and meet eligibility requirements, submit your evaluation request at any time.

    Recommended Time Frame for Request if you are a current student: If you are a currently matriculated CSUSM Liberal Studies B.A. student, submit your evaluation request upon completion of your next to the last semester of your B.A. (For example, if you plan to finish all degree requirements in Spring 2020, submit your application for evaluation by the end of Fall 2019.)

    If a request is submitted too early and too many required courses are still pending/incomplete the request will be withdrawn and the student will need to submit another request at a later time.

    Following submission of the request form, the student’s overall GPA will be evaluated and if it is 2.67 or higher, the applicant will receive an email from the Liberal Studies Department verifying preliminary eligibility for the waiver.  If the overall GPA is 2.66 or below, the student will receive an email indicating that they are not on track to receive the waiver.  Upon completion of all degree requirements, the GPA for all applicants will be reevaluated and if an overall GPA of 2.67 or higher has been maintained or achieved, the student will receive a waiver verification letter signed by the CSUSM Chair of Liberal Studies and the CSUSM School of Education Credential Analyst.

    Other important information

    • Are you pursuing a teaching credential at another university? Please check with that university to make sure they will accept CSUSM’s CSET I-III waiver.  Per the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, it is required that all credential programs accept our CSET waiver.
    • Additionally, CSUSM's School of Education accepts CSET Waivers earned at any other institution, not just those from CSUSM's Liberal Studies Department.
    • The CBEST exam is still required for application to a credential program, even if you receive a CSET waiver.  
    • Are You Pursuing Bilingual Authorization?  This authorization is optional and has additional CSET requirements; see a School of Education advisor for more information.
    • Not Pursuing a Credential? If you are not planning to apply to a Multiple Subject or Concurrent Multiple Subject Education Specialist Credential Program, there is no need to apply for a Subject Matter Evaluation or Waiver.
    • NOTE:  Our CSET I-III Waiver is not a single subject matter waiver. 

Fieldwork Resources for Integrated Teacher Education Program (ITEP)

Students in ITEP (ICP) participate in 2 practicums in the program. In semesters 2 and 4 they work for a minimum of 96 hours with a teacher in an elementary classroom where they assist and teach some lessons. After finishing a B.A. in Liberal Studies, ITEP candidates complete Clinical Practice I and II in one graduate semester.