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DTiR Partnership Professional Development

A portion of the Distinguished Teachers in Residence (DTiR) Program is committed to Partnership Professional Development (former Assigned Time Grants: ATG). Partnership Professional Development begins as proposals developed cooperatively with School of Education Faculty and participating Consortium districts, which are submitted each year for consideration of Partnership Professional Development (former Assigned Time Grant). 

 Some of the determining factors for selection are based upon:

  • Viability of the project
  • Match between units requested and depth of work proposed
  • Anticipated benefits to the district(s)

Index of Partnership Professional Development (former Assigned Time Grants) awarded by district, from AY 2001-02 to current

2021-2022 Request for Partnership Professional Development Proposals

Application Pieces: Deadline:


A brief (1-page) description of the location for the Partnership Professional Development, objectives, procedures, and benefits of the project.

November 8, 2021

Proposal Packet:Cover/Signature Sheet,Checklist, Plan Proposal Form, Guidelines, Consortium Representative Information

November 14, 2021
Year-End Report
As applicable, for currently active PPD Grants (AY 2019-2020)
 April 1, 2022

 Submit Abstract, Proposal Packet and Year-End Report by email to

DTiR Partnership Professional Development Proposals Awarded

The University will make available to the participating consortium school districts, units of assigned time per academic year, for tenure-track faculty members of the School of Education to assist districts with special needs within their areas of expertise.