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Faculty Activity Report (FAR Submission)

The overall purpose of the Faculty Activity Report (FAR) is to provide a way to account for faculty workload (instructional and non-instructional) to support the Academic Planning Database (APDB) report required by the system office.


Absence From Class and Leaves of Absence

Faculty Affairs provides information and access to required form(s) 

Grade Change Form

The University recognizes the prerogative of the faculty to set standards of performance and to apply them to individual students.  The University will seek to correct injustices to students, but at the same time, believes that the instructor’s judgment at the time that the original grade is assigned is better than a later reconsideration of an individual case.  Equity to all students is of fundamental concern. (Restricted Acess, e-mail requests only.)

Professional Development Plan Form

For tenure-track faculty purchases/travel use: Professional Development Funds Form 

Discretionary Funds Request 

Discrentionary Funds Request Form

Make sure to click "enable editing" on document. Please submit your request to Karina Miastkowska.

Committee Agenda/Minutes Template 

Template with instructions for use by Standing Committees

Syllabus Template

Submit Fall 2020 syllabi to Sorcha by Friday, September 11th.

Template of required elements of all SOE course syllabi.

Release of Liability 

Release of Liability 2020-2021 AY


Lecturer performance is periodically evaluated using guidelines established by the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between the California State University and the California Faculty Association. Lecturers are required to submit evaluation documents into a Working Action Personnel File (WPAF) and are responsible for understanding the WPAF evaluation procedures and timelines for submission. If you are required to submit a WPAF, you will be sent details and dates for the evaluation process, along with copies of the evaluation policies.  The frequency, depth and timing of the evaluations depends on your contract status (one-semester, one-year, three-year and part- or full-time). In addition, student evaluations of instructors/supervisors are required for all lecturers and will become part of your WPAF.

Please consult the School of Educationf Director should any questions arise regarding lecturer evaluation procedures and policies.

(Information provided is intended for Instructional and Supervising Lecturers within the School of Education.)

WPAF Information for Instructional Lecturers

WPAF Information for Supervising Lecturers

Evaluation Policies, Related Forms and Links

e-WPAF Access in Community Moodle

The Faculty Center (link below) offers workshops for lecturers to aid in the development of the WPAF. Please consult the Faculty Center website for dates/times of upcoming trainings, generally offered once per semester.



A university campus e-mail account will be provided to all CSUSM Faculty. The account should be used for all correspondence with students. It is very important that you check this email on a daily basis. Messages that relate to faculty issues will be sent to this address. It is University policy that faculty do not set up automatic forwarding of their faculty accounts for privacy/FERPA reasons. If you have trouble with your password or email you may contact the Faculty IITS Help Desk.

Faculty Center: Kellogg 2400, Ext. 4019

The Faculty Center serves all university faculty (tenure-track and lecturers). Services include, however not limited to: New faculty Institute, Workshops, Professional Development Grants, Faculty Resources Library, and Faculty Center Conference Room.

IITS: Kellogg 2013, Ext. 4790

Instructional & Information Technology Services (IITS) is responsible for the management and support of technology throughout campus, including the hardware and software that defines our technology infrastructure in classrooms and offices.


CSUSM uses a web-based system called Peoplesoft, aka myCSUSM. There are two main functions of PeopleSoft; 1) an HR function where you can view and update all of your HR information, and 2) course/student management information. Access includes: class rosters, grade submissions, and permission codes (which students need to add a course after the semester begins). Use your campus user ID and password.

Parking Permits: PSB 63, Ext. 7500

Faculty/Staff may purchase parking permits in the Parking and Commuter Services office. Prior to a new employee purchasing Faculty/Staff parking permits, Parking Services must have computer‐generated verification from the hiring department. Cost of long term and semester parking permits vary by bargaining unit, please contact Parking and Commuter Services for current prices.

Textbook Order/Adopt

Textbooks are available for order or adoption via the University Bookstore.

CSUSM Identification Card: Kellogg 2100, Ext. 4370

Faculty Photo Identification cards are required to conduct business at Cal State San Marcos. You may have your photo ID taken at the Kellogg Library Media Center (second floor), Mon‐Fri 8:00‐4:30. Bring your driver's license or other identification with you. A fee will be assessed to replace identification cards.

CSUSM Travel

Travel forms: Requests for Travel, Travel Expense Claim Forms, Mileage Details and more from the Travel Office.  Please submit completed forms to Bonnie Mottola, SOE, Administrative Support Coordinator in UH 404.

SOE Office

Business Cards

Business cards are available to SOE Faculty through special order. Please complete the form and return to Bonnie Mottola via e-mail,

Lecturer Workstations: University Hall 431

The School of Education has three computer/workstation cubicles available for Lecturer use in University Hall 431 (431-4, 431-5 and 431-6). Please note that these are shared cubicles with other lecturers in the SOE and personal items should not be stored in the cabinets and file drawers.


Two multi‐function copiers are available on the 4th floor of University Hall (Suite 431 and Suite 468) for School of Education Faculty. Faculty and Lecturers will be assigned access to the copier closest to their office. In order to access the photocopier, you will need to obtain a copier code from the SOE Academic Support, Sorcha Barr-Deneen or Ext. 4300.

Mailboxes and Mail

Faculty mailboxes for the School of Education are located in University Hall 422. Outgoing mail may be deposited in the labeled bin underneath the SOE mailbox counter, which picks up regularly Monday-Friday, prior to 11:00 am.  In addition, there is an USPS mailbox in Craven Circle which picks up later in the day and should also be used for personal outgoing mail. Mail supplies are available from the SOE Support Staff.

Office Supplies

Please complete the supply request form for either campus office supplies or classroom supplies.