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About & Mission

JUNCTURE is an annual visual art showcase co-curated by alumni Kimberly Lopez and Sarah Bricke with support from the CSUSM Art, Media, and Design Alumni Group. The JUNCTURE project began in 2019 and continues to be a volunteer effort to connect and support emerging artists after graduation.

Beyond an art showcase, JUNCTURE functions as a meeting point for the artists, peers, professors, and viewers to connect and engage in a conversation of visibility, art-making, and process.

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Quotes & Testimonials

Juncture is the intersection at which these works meet. We deliberately designed an exhibition that features diverse media. We also sought work that represents the juncture of the diverse communities that constitute CSUSM. We wanted to showcase diversity on campus and provide greater visibility for those who have been underrepresented in the arts: women and people of color

- Sarah Bricke

- Sarah Bricke

One of my personal goals for Juncture is to expand opportunities for CSUSM artists but also to create a network for all of us to eventually pursue other collaborative, creative endeavors,” she said. “The North County region is very diverse, and we hope to add to the local culture by being involved with the university and giving back to the community.

- Kimberley Lopez

- Kimberley Lopez



September 2019 - California State University, San Marcos
Exhibition co-curated by Kimberly Lopez and Sarah Bricke

Featuring selected works from exceptional CSUSM School of Arts students and alumni, highlighting the diversity and range of the program. Works include two dimensional/wall mounted work, sculpture, installation, photography and performance art, which demonstrate both material proficiency and highly developed concepts. 

Artists: Saul Cigarroa, Emily Dutkiewicz, Sarah Fruzyna, Randy Garcia, Gareth Kostolefsky, Iris Lee with Lesly Rodriguez, Micah Mariah, Shana Medel, Jake Northington, and Emily Ruggieri

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January 2020 - California State University, San Marcos
Exhibition co-curated by Issiah Cooper, Kimberly Lopez and Sarah Bricke

The artists in this show have addressed two major events of 2020: the protests and movements that surround the issues of race in the United States, as well as the global pandemic. Their work reflects the comforting and constant presence amid the experience of isolation and the fear of uncertainty; their work is the challenge and our reprimand to continual injustice. Art itself is revolution; it is struggle. Art is reflective of dreams and of nightmares. 

Artists: Afomia Abraham, Daisy Camacho, Meritxell Castelltort, Issiah Cooper, Carina Domingo, 
Experimental Dance Group, Addy Lyon, Ashley Raymundo & Carolyn Cheng, Molly Alyssa Michalak, Micah Mariah, Jake Northington, Lesly Rodriguez, Shelby Rossman

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