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2014 Finalists

A Dance Adaptation and Ensemble

Video No Longer Avaliable

A Dance Adaptation and Ensemble by Edgar Mendez
A virtual dance video, inspired by an interna5onal project by Belgian choreographer Anne Terese De Keersmaeker's RE: Rosas! ROSAS REMIX PROJECT

Day Laborers

Video No Longer Avaliable

Day Laborers by Ryan Denzy
Human rights activist, Mark Day, shares the current problems that Mexican Day Laborers face in the United States, such as wage theft and hazardous working environments and how we can make a change. The Day Laborers themselves, give personal accounts of the problems they faced.

Nathan Bowser

Video No Longer Avaliable

Nathan Bowser by Angelica Jacebo
Life story of Nathan Bowser's experience surviving a tornado accident and becoming a paraplegic because a tree branch feel on his car. He shares his story on how he is determined to walk again.

Johnny and Lucy

Video No Longer Avaliable

Johnny and Lucy by Niko Rodriguez and Cassie Jenness
Two childhood sweethearts find themselves locked in a storage closet, and must face the reality of their relationship.


Video No Longer Avaliable

Adam by Michael Elinn
A boy, driven by boredom rips paper until he eventually rips something smaller... an atom.

Here Are the Finalists for 2013...

Overthinking Over Thinking

Video No Longer Avaliable

The collision of creative brain pathways equals an unexpected will to continue through the process of experimenting and never giving up on ideas.

Give Me a Jump

Video No Longer Avaliable

GIVE ME A JUMP by Andrew Reed
A pretty girl is left stranded when her car wouldn't start and she will do whatever flirting she needs to in order to get someone to fix it for her. This time she gets more than she bargained for.

Can Megan Dunk?

Video No Longer Avaliable

CAN MEGAN DUNK? by Brittany Duncan
A young girl faces the reality that success is achieved through self motivation. She must strive and push through the most unlikely circumstances to provide just the possibility of a college education for herself.

Looking For Love

Video No Longer Avaliable

LOOKING FOR LOVE by Kristine Kirchmeier & Matt Unwin
A music video employing the technique of projection mapping to follow one man's exploration into another world on a search for love.

Confessions of a High-Art Street Artist

Video No Longer Avaliable

The story of a student searching for surprise in his surroundings unfolds through street signs, sidewalks, storefronts, and simple but smart ideas.

The Useless Box

Video No Longer Avaliable

THE USELESS BOX by Sarah Attie
The life of a Useless Box. All you have to do is believe. Staying positive, and finding hope in things you would never have thought of. Your life is exactly what you make of it, and one must remember to find meaning in the little things.

Film Fatale

Video No Longer Avaliable

FILM FATALE by Kristine Kirchmeier
A desperate student filmmaker goes to extreme lengths to get a good performance out of a terrible actress while gaining the affections of the love of her life.

Lucky and Wild "Maniacs"

Video No Longer Avaliable

LUCKY AND WILD “MANIACS” by Michael Sutfliff
A strange journey leaves a man confused and unaware of his own reality. This is a story of death and betrayal; remorse and realization.


Video No Longer Avaliable

CRYSTAL by Brandon Johnston & Ruth Rosales
Crystal (age 22) gives us a glimpse into her life as she strives to be an effective single mother while dealing with an incurable disease.


Video No Longer Avaliable

LIGHTER by Brandon Johnston
A student's addiction leads him into crossing paths with a suspicious lighter vendor.


Video No Longer Avaliable

rEvolve by Andi Dukleth and Heidy Lopez
The nation has eliminated all forms of free thought. A girl escapes from an experimental facility that keeps her obedient. She must now evade forces desperate to capture her again while struggling to trust a rebel leader.


Video No Longer Avaliable

BLUE by Brandon Collins
A visual representation of a poem.

Invisible People

Video No Longer Avaliable

INVISIBLE PEOPLE by Taylor Scalise & Ashley Aronson
A short documentary that tells the story about homeless individuals in large-scale portrait form created by Neil Shigley who is an artist/ educator in San Diego.

Congratulations to all the Annual CSUSM Media Festival finalists! Don't forget to enter next year!