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Faculty Travel

SofA Faculty Travel Instructions:

There have been some new policies regarding travel so please follow these steps so that your travel request and reimbursement claim can run smoothly.

If you are traveling, you will need to notify Linda as soon as possible and follow the steps below to file your travel paperwork. 

  • For domestic travel, you must allow 30 days from the beginning of the approval process to be sure your request can be met in time.

  • For International travel, you must allow 60 days from the beginning of the approval process to be sure your request can be met in time.

  • If you are claiming mileage, you must submit a copy of your defensive driving certificate AND a copy of the map showing the mileage

Before you travel:

Step 1:

Please fill out the form below to submit your travel details and estimates. If you have nothing to claim, please type n/a. Please overestimate your expenses. You will also be emailed a copy of the form once you press submit.

Online Travel Form

Step 2:

If you are going to be away from class during your travel, please fill out the Absence From Class Form. Please print, sign, and put in Linda Muse's box.

Absence from class for any reason should be reported on this form

Step 3:

If you are traveling internationally, you must fill out additional paperwork. Please submit this paperwork to Linda Muse AND Christie N. Ashley.
Travel to High Hazard areas require Chancellors Office approval first before insurance can be procured.

International Travel Paperwork Required Documents

Please print and submit to Linda Muse or Christie N. Ashley:

Step 4:

Are you claiming mileage? Any state employee who is driving university business must complete the Defensive Driving Program before traveling to receive mileage and parking reimbursement.

Defensive Driving Program Information

Step 5:

Put any receipts, estimates, maps for mileage, and confirmations pertaining to your travel in Linda Muse or Christie N. Ashley's box. If you are staying in a hotel, flying, or renting a car, you must submit an estimate or actual receipt. (Estimates must be printed from the website showing costs)

If you are attending an event or conference, please also provide a copy of the announcement or schedule, along with the registration cost page.

Step 6:

Per the CSU Travel Procedure G-001 when traveling within the US, lodging rates are not to exceed $275 per night before taxes and resort fees, excluding internet and parking. You may request an exception to this procedure by filling out Lodging Cost Exception Preapproval form. Please fill out the form, sign, and submit to Linda Muse or Christie N. Ashley.   

Lodging Cost Exception Preapproval Form

Step 7:

Make sure everything is turned in. Linda or Christie will contact you to sign your paperwork.

During your travel:

Step 1:

During your travel, please keep track of your expenses on the receipt form. You will need to submit the form to Linda with all of your receipts detailing all of your expenses when you return from your trip. If the form is not completely filled out, this will delay your reimbursement.  Please submit the actual hotel check-out receipt.  Ask the hotel to give you this. 

Receipt Form

While you are traveling, you must save all of your receipts. This also includes food. The receipts must be itemized and show everything ordered. If you share a receipt with someone, you must mark what you ordered. Separate receipts are preferred. Maximum daily food allowance is $55.

Step 2:

Provide proof of attendance by saving your name tag, agenda, or copy of conference manual.

After you travel:

Step 1:

Submit your itemized receipts, final receipts, proof of attendance, and any additional travel documents to Linda. All reimbursement receipts turned in MUST show the credit card number (last 4 digits) on the receipt or email in order to get reimbursed. CREDIT CARD STATESMENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED AS PROOF OF PAYMENT PER CSU POLICY.  

Step 2:

Linda or Christie will contact you to sign your paperwork. 

CSU Travel Policy and Procedure

CSU Travel

page updated 7/19/16