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CSUSM Alumni Win Emmy

Alumni at Emmy_Red Carpet

Kristina Kalchev and Ryan Beaton, 2017 Arts and Technology Alumni, won a 2017 Emmy for the Pacific Southwest for their video, Playtime, a promo about domestic violence. They also won 1st place for their promo at the statewide CSU Student Media Festival, competing with almost 200 entries. In addition, Kristina won 2nd place at the CSU Media Festival for her experimental video, Masks

 Weather on Steroids: the Art of Climate Change Science

 Weather on Steroids explores the changing climate on our planet, partnering artistic and scientific communities to create a visual dialogue about the vexing problem of how weather variability affects local communities. The exhibition investigates Southern California vulnerability to climate change, and draws on the region's scientific expertise at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, whose investigators are at the forefront of climate research.  New contemporary art, responding to the latest climate change research, reveals how extreme weather upsets the planet's balance.  By illuminating the reality of climate change, Weather on Steroids aspires to proactively stimulate public dialogue about one of the most important issues of our time.      

Participating artists: Tiersa Cosaert, Judit Hersko, Cheryl E. Leonard, Dana Montlack, Lilleane Peebles, Oscar Romo, M. Luna Rossel, Eva Struble, Paul Turounet, Ruth Wallen, and Allison Wiese.  Contributing scientists: Michel Boudrias, Michael Dettinger, Alexander Gershunov, Kristen Guiguis, Ralph Keeling, Manfredi Manizza, Art Miller, Walter Munk, David Pierce, Richard Somerville, and Shang-Ping Xie.  Contributing Historians: Judith Haxo, Caroline Isaacs, and Deborah Day.  Curated by Tatiana Sizonenko, Ph.D.with Science Consultant Alexander Gershunov, Ph.D. 

February 11 - May 21, 2017 Wisteria Cottage Gallery and June 10 - September 3, 2017 San Diego Central Library Gallery  

Professor Deborah Small and Tending the Wild

I am a member of the Chia Cafe Collective (CCC), a grassroots group of southern California tribal members and collaborators committed to the revitalization of native foods, medicines, culture and community. 

Our work honors the vast traditional knowledge and spiritual relationship to the land, and the nutritive and medicinal bounty the land offers us. Through workshops, classes, demonstrations, and native foods celebrations, as well as our forthcoming book, Cooking the Native Way, the CCC focuses on ways to re-incorporate native food plants into our daily diets to take back responsibility for our health and well-being. 

Native foods cookbook cover

Many of these ancestral food plants are not only incredibly nutritious, but show remarkable heat and drought resistance, with the necessary resilience to adapt and survive in the face of climate change. 

With photographs, recipes, stories, and personal narratives, we offer ways to reconnect with the land through gathering, gardening, and cooking native foods and the preparation of medicinal plants as teas, tinctures, salves, and soaps. 

We promote an ethic of gathering and cultivating plants in a manner that is sustainable, and we stress the importance of preserving native plants, plant communities, and the land for the future generations of all species.

Deborah Small is a Professor at CSUSM School of Arts and a devoted member of the Chia Café Collective. She is a contributing photographer and writer on Tending the Wild, presented by KCET. 

The recipes are from the Chia Cafe Collective's book, Cooking the Native Way, which will be printed and distributed by Heyday Press in 2017.


The San Diego Reader hightlights CSUSM's Theatre Lecturer, Jason Heil.


Academic Year 2016-2017

Professor in classroom with students in Anhui University, China

  Johnathan Berman shares Story Structure secrets for artists, as first CSUSM Arts professor to teach at Anhui University in China.  

Upcoming projects from Neil Kendricks and Carlos Pelayo

Wounded Sky is their collaborative video-art project. The video-art installation is one of four-to-five interactive video artworks that will be on display during the opening-night event for this international world-building summit exploring what the U.S./Mexico region will look like in 20 years. Learn more at: frontera 

They are launching our small, indie production company, KP Moving Pictures, and have several short-film projects in the works. Last summer, they filmed a short film El Taxista, written and directed by Carlos and they are in pre-production on Kendricks' short film Book of Skin, which rolls into production in late spring/ early summer 2017. Kendricks is also in production on his feature-length documentary Comics are everywhere 

In addition to the upcoming presentation of Wounded Sky, Kendricks' experimental short films Suspension and Memory Lines are currently on the film-festival circuit. 

Suspension will be screening at the upcoming London Experimental Film Festival, as well as the SeeMor Film Festival on the Isle of Anglesay, near the UK on Oct. 29. Thus far, Suspension has screened at Virginia's Staunton International Film Festival; the Buskopolis Festival of Cinematic Oddities, Serbia's Experimental Superstars Festival, Russia's Tochka Dostupa Contemporary Arts festival, and Ship in the Woods' Convergence exhibition at Cabrilio National Monument where the piece screened on the lighthouse's exterior. Memory Lines has screened at this month's INDIEhype Film Festival in Australia, as well as the Stockholm Experimental and Animation Film Festival, and San Diego CityBeat's 5 Minute Film Festival and it will be screening at Mexico's CinePobre Film Festival.      

Congratulations to Neil and Carlos!  

School of Arts student wins Emmy!

Congratulations to Luke Bisagna for winning an Emmy for sound design and mixing work for his work on Joshua Tree: Threatened Wonderland. Winner of four Emmy awards, Joshua Tree: Threatened Wonderland tells the story of Joshua Tree National Park, with its mysterious rock formations and iconic trees that have long provided a haven for those seeking an inspirational experience. The film also covers current threats from air pollution, fires, and global warming, which scientists believe may cause the disappearance of the majority of the joshua trees in less than one hundred years, changing this amazing wonderland forever.

Luke Bisagna’s sound design and mixing work on the film garnered him an Emmy win along with Telly and Communicator awards. Luke’s approach was to strike an emotional chord with the audience by providing a rich, immersive, and realistic sonic experience. He traveled extensively through the park on several occasions recording environmental ambience, wildlife, and other sounds unique to Joshua Tree in order to enrich his audio palette in post-production. He is also currently teaching at Palomar College. 

luke bisagna holding emmy award

Jason Heil featured in Union Tribune!

San Diego Union-Tribune published article on Intrepid Theatre's production of "Art" featuring SofA lecturer Jason Heil. Congrats Jason!

Newspaper article headline and three men fighting

Media Makers Fall 2016

We are pleased to announce the Media Makers Fall 2016 season at CSUSM, with the first event this Thursday evening. The workshops are intimate, hands-on and filling up fast, so interested students should email Kristine Diekman or Jonathan Berman for a place as below.

man with glasses media makers