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Dance Minor Worksheet

DNCE 101 (3) - Introduction to Dance      

Survey of dance on the stage and off, in the studio as well as in the club, and performed by everyday and famous people. Focusing primarily on movement in the United States, investigates dance as a cultural and historical phenomenon.  Course includes: lectures, demonstrations, dance performances, research papers, and collaborative presentations.

DNCE 201 (3) Contemporary Dance Technique I      
Contemporary Dance Technique I Studio course focusing on alignment and dance phrases alongside composition and improvisation. Students will practice various movement approaches to increase strength, flexibility, and body awareness, and also investigate choreographic theories of dance based on diverse approaches to modern/postmodern dance. Includes guest artists, live performances, and research papers/projects.  One hour lecture and three hours studio work.

DNCE 301 (3) Contemporary Dance Technique II      
Studio course that focuses on technical precision, dynamic variation, alignment, and performance.  One hour lecture and three hours studio work.

DNCE 320 (3) - Global Modern Dance      
Introduces students to the body in motion by examining the interaction between creative expression, daily life, and performative representations of cultural identity and difference. A multidisciplinary approach to understanding the body as socially and politically defined with attention to gender, race, class, and national identity.  Includes lectures, video and film screenings, live performances, participatory demonstrations, and discussions.  May not be taken for credit by students who have received credit for DNCE 392B.

DNCE 321 (3) Cultures in Motion      
A variety of world dance forms will be examined in terms of their power to heal, celebrate, tell stories and resolve conflict through one-upmanship dance competitions. Students will explore ways in which dance is an expression of a culture's way of life, historical roots, religious beliefs, sex roles, politics, and values. The multicultural influences found in fusion dances will be traced. Students will gain an insight into individual cultural identity by examining the elements that shape the dance of that culture.  No background in dance is required.

DNCE 322 (3) History and Theory of Post Modern Dance      
Examines the development of Western theatrical dance across the 20th Century with attention to the shifting assumptions regarding bodily representation. Examines dance on the stage and off to understand the moving body in relation in arts, politics, education, technology, and social issues.

DNCE 323 (3) Women in Performance: Choreographics of Resistance      
Explores issues of power, representation, and access in relation to the female body in dance, performance art, body art and the staging of political empowerment. Examines crucial historical figures and moments when the body in a motion ruptures or destabilizes normalized expectations. Also offered as WMST 323. Students may not receive credit for both

DNCE 324 (3) Dance and Visual Media      
Examines dance as it intersects with popular, experimental, and documentary forms of film, video and computer technologies. Students will explore various representations of the body in relation to Hollywood, the impact of MTV, and multimedia performance. Course includes lectures, viewings, research papers, collaborative projects, and hands-on training in video production and post-production equipment.  Two hours lecture and two hours lab.

DNCE 390 (3) Choreography Workshop      
Focuses on the development and performance of choreography. Emphasizing a diversity of dance-making techniques, assignments revolve around inventing, organizing, and evaluating movement in both solo and ensemble formats. Observational skills and theoretical issues discussed through ongoing work-in-progress showings, readings, and viewings of video and live performance. Students participate in various aspects of production culminating in performance.  Two hours of lecture, two hours of studio, and one hour rehearsal activity. May be repeated for a total of six (6) units. Prerequisites: DNCE 201, 320.

DNCE 392 (3) World Dance Topics      
Studio dance course that explores the techniques and repertory of a specific dance tradition. The topic and style is variable.
Students will spend two hours in lecture and two hours per week in dance activities. May be repeated for credit as topics change for a total of six (6) units. Students should check the Class Schedule for listing of actual topics.