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Battery Recycling

Battery Recycling Made Easy!

This program is designed to capture all spent batteries generated on campus. Please do NOT deposit spent batteries that are generated off campus, i.e. home, or send batteries through intra-campus mail. Batteries come in various shapes, sizes and materials. Ensure that the spent batteries being discarded match the description below.

Batteries ACCEPTED in this program are:

Alkaline, Lithium (Li-ion), Nickel Cadmium (NiCd),  and Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)

  • AAA
  • AA
  • C
  • D
  • 9-Volt
  • Button Cell
Battery ends taped off

Battery Drop-Off Locations:

  • Arts Building 239A
  • Common 201
  • Craven 2301, 4600, 4700, 6119, & 6231
  • FCB 106 (Break Room)
  • Kellogg Library 3011
  • Markstein 256 & 346
  • McMahan House
  • Science Hall I 313 & 314
  • Science Hall II Faculty Offices 1st - 3rd Floors & 247A
  • Social & Behavioral Science Building 3220 & 4220
  • Student Health & Counseling Services Break Room
  • University Hall 321 & 322B
  • University Services Building E-waste Area
  • University Student Union 2430, USU, 3500, USU East Wing Reception Desk, & USU Mail Room
  • University Village Apartments Front Counter

All batteries MUST have the terminal ends taped with electrical tape. A roll of electrical tape and a pair of scissors should be available next to the spent battery container. If the pair of scissors is missing or you need more electrical tape, please let Safety, Risk and Sustainability know by calling 760.750.4502 or you can email us at

For batteries that don’t match the description noted above (i.e. small sealed lead batteries), these would need to be managed separately. Please call Safety, Risk & Sustainability at 760.750.4502 or email us at to have this done.