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Onboarding Buddies

Lawrence Sellers, Nicolas Magana, Jim Bowen, Jonathan Pont, Maria Shterew and Amber Giacalone

Would you like to be a new employee’s buddy? 
The Buddy Program strives to make incoming employees feel welcome and supported during their first year on campus by partnering them with an established staff member who: 

  • Shares their knowledge, expertise, and enthusiasm for CSUSM;
  • Has been with CSUSM or CSUSM Corp for at least two years, and,
  • Demonstrates CSUSM’s campus values.  

Buddy Program Overview 
All non-MPP staff are eligible to volunteer to participate in the buddy program.  

Buddies are experienced and engaged team members with a good understanding of the campus’s culture and processes. They are willing to take the time to partner with and support the new employee during their first year at CSUSM.  

Buddies are there to provide support, information and resources that help new employees become more familiar with their new work environment; however, they are not responsible for work-related training or mentorship 

General buddy responsibilities include: 

  • Help the employee understand the campus’s culture and guide them as they get to know the ins and outs of how our campus works;  
  • Get to know the new employee by sharing areas of specific interests and setting up regular meetings (typically monthly); 
  • Answer general questions and refer new employees to campus resources; and, most importantly,
  • Welcome the new employee and instill a sense of belonging 

Shanelle Watkins with her buddies Kaley Sabajo and Rochelle Smarr

 If you would like to participate in the New Employee Buddy Program, please fill out the Buddy Volunteer Form.