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Additional Tutoring On Campus

Writing and Academic English

  • The Writing Center provides peer consultations for any writing assigment in any class.
  • Popular classes are GEW 101, HIST 131, PHIL 110, BUS 203 and GEL 101.
  • Academic English development is supported.
  • Business Writing and Science Writing are also supported.

Non-STEM Tutoring

  • NetTutor is a third party resource that provides tutoring for historically challenging courses, including: Economics, Finance, History, Psychology and Spanish

Psychology and Social Science

  • The Psychology and Academic Resource Library (PARL) provides academic support for enhancing quantitative, computing, writing, biological, and research methodology skills for psychology and social sciences. This includes support with SPSS!
  • PARL offers a variety of specialized computer programs and tutorials on statistics, research methods, psychometrics, and the biological bases of behavior.
  • PARL provides related academic consultations, workshops, symposia, and videos.


  • The Acccounting Lab hosted by the CSUSM Accounting Society offers tutoring in ACCT 201, 202, 301, and others.