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CougarApps Terminal Server Error

CougarApps - “No Terminal Server License Servers Available” Error Message

Have you received the error message, “There are no Terminal Server Licenses Available to provide a license.” when trying to launch an application within CougarApps on a Windows computer? The reason is that your computer is from another ‘domain’, which can cause this issue. Please follow the steps below:

1.    Log out of CougarApps.
2.    Download the following file: “NoTerminalService.bat

  • Internet Explorer:
    • When the file begins to download, click Save, and save the file to the Desktop.
    • Click Close
    • From the Desktop, double‐click to open “NoTerminalService.bat" file.
    • Click Run
  • Firefox:
    • When the file begins to download, Click Save File
    • In the Downloads window, double‐click to open “NoTerminalService.bat” file.
    • In the Open Executable File window, click OK.
    • Click Run

4.    Log back into CougarApps and you should now be able to start the application.
5.    If you still have issues, please restart your browser(s) and try again.