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Classes Missing

Sometimes the instructors of the course haven’t “opened” the class to students. This happens especially during the first week of classes. If other students in your class can access the course in Cougar Courses, then contact the instructor and ask the instructor if he/she sees your name in both the Class Roster and in Cougar Courses. If your name shows up in both places, email with the following information:

  • The class (e.g., CS 301)
  • The section (e.g., 02)
  • Your 9-digit all numeric student ID
  • 5-digit registration code (e.g., 21445)
  • Also include your daytime phone number so we can contact you when we hear back.

If you added the class after the beginning of the semester, it can take up to 24 hours for your add to be processed by the registrar and your name to be added to the course roster and Cougar Courses.  If you require immediate access to the course materials, your Instructor can add you to the course using the instructions in the faculty help tab>start of semester tasks>Adding Course Users.