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Webmail Support

All CSUSM students get a cougars email for life! 

Follow these instructions to access your cougars email:

1. Make sure you have already created your own password and have activated your campus username

    • Your campus username will consist of the first 5 letters of your last name and 3 generated numbers. 
      • If your name has less than 5 letters, then your entire last name will be used
      • Examples: rodri874, smith999 and may098
    • For instructions on how to change your password please go to the Username and Password page.

2. Go to or

3. Type in your entire email address.

    • Example:
    • Note: this is the only campus account where you will need to add ""


4. Now enter in the password that you created.

5. You will now see your inbox. 

    • Make sure and check your cougars email regularly.
    • Here you will receive emails from professors, campus wide announcements and classmates.

If you have any questions contact the Student Technology Help Desk.