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Local Student Field Trips

A field trip is a university course-related, off-campus activity led by a faculty or staff member and designed to serve educational purposes. A field trip would include the gathering of data for research (such as at a geological or archaeological site), museum visit, participation in a conference or competition, or visits to an event or place of interest. The duration of a field trip may be a class period or longer, and could extend over multiple days. this definition does not apply to activities or placements in the context of a teacher preparation program, intercollegiate sports, or service-learning placements, all of which are governed under separate policy.

EO 1062 - Field Trips & Student Travel

Other Authorities

EO 1041 - Student Travel
EO 1051 - Standard Release link

To help ensure the safety of all participants, faculty members or staff organizing field trips must follow the following steps before taking students on a local field trip:

  1. Notify your College or School partner that a field trip will occur. This will allow the contact to keep an eye out for paperwork.
  2. Have each participating student execute a Single Release & Emergency Contact Information or Group Release & Emergency Contact Information. Minors’ parents must execute the Release. Unless this form is executed and returned, CSUSM will not authorize, support or fund travel.
  3. Send the signed releases and guidelines to your College contact before traveling.  If possible, you are welcome to scan and email PDF copies of the executed documents.

Academic Affairs Authorization to travel
Student Affairs Authorization to travel
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