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College of Business Administration Senior Experience Program

For information about the College of Business Administration’s Senior Experience program please visit the Senior Experience website or contact Jim Hamerly, Director of Business Community Relations / Senior Experience.

Please note, all students participating in Senior Experience must execute a Release and Guidelines for Student Conduct.

College of Business Administration Service Learning Opportunities

Students in the College of Business Administration have the opportunity to participate in a variety of CSUSM supported off-campus service learning opportunities. The following information is for students, faculty and staff involved with these opportunities.

Step 1: Identify an Appropriate Organization

Students participating in CSUSM supported off-campus service learning opportunities must obtain the approval of their instructor or supervisor before working with an organization.  Often, Directors and faculty and staff advisors select the appropriate organization for each student’s course or program.  The following information is provided for faculty and staff seeking to determine what organizations have been approved for students to work with, or seeking approval for an organization that has not yet signed an agreement with CSUSM.

  1. Approved organizations students can work with.
  2. If a student or Faculty/Staff advisor wants the student to work with an organization not on the list, above, the student or Faculty/Staff advisor must notify the College or School Partner well before the start of the semester.  The Faculty/Staff advisor will also need to submit a Request to Initiate Agreement as early as possible to allow enough time for evaluation and processing. Please note, a request to add an organization does not guarantee approval.
  3. Questions? Contact your College contact or the Office of Community Service Learning.

Step 2: Fill out Necessary Paperwork

  1. Have students visit the student registration page to begin the process for placement.
  2. Have students execute a Release and Guidelines for Student Conduct.
  3. Faculty or advisors must forward the signed Release and Guidelines to the Office of Community Service Learning prior to beginning work with an organization.  If possible, you are welcome to scan and email PDF copies of the executed documents.