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Enrollment, Success, and Retention Committees

  • Student Success & Retention Committee

     Co-Chaired by the Provost and Vice President for Student Affairs, the Student Success and Retention Committee (SSRC) provides vision and cross-divisional prioritization for student success efforts, monitors university-level student success initiatives and progress relative to common goals, identifies major opportunities and administrative barriers, and champions student-centered policies and innovative practices.

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  • Enrollment Planning Advisory Group (EPAG)
    Co-Chaired by Provost and Vice President for Student AffairsEPAG Advises the President on enrollment issues related to the University’s strategic plan and the CSU’s Accountability Performance Indicators. Recommends policies related to the University’s enrollment growth. Facilitate communication and cooperation among units/divisions with a common interest in enrollment management. Forecasts and tracks enrollment performance indicators, identifying emerging issues related to the University’s ability to achieve enrollment goals with specific focus on:
    • Communication & Marketing
    • Access for Targeted Populations: Temecula and Military
    • Students of Color Recruitment
    • Graduate and International Support
    • Emergency Student Funding 

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  • Graduation Initiative Steering Committee

    This cross-divisonal brainstorming workgroup collaborates with individuals and groups across the campus and in the local community to identify, research, implement, and track specific high impact practices, initiatives, interventions, and/or long-term strategies to improve the retention and graduation rates of students at all levels. In addition, the group uses data analytics, including the CSU Student Data Dashboard, to monitor and track trends and progress towards the campus goals.

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  • Degree, Set, Go!

    Degree, Set, Go! is a tactical and operational committee that works cross-divisionally to identify and systematically address barriers to student progress.

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  • Student Coaching & Mentoring Committee

    While the terms mentoring and coaching are often used interchangeably, coaching in this context is defined as student service professionals meeting one-on-one with students, focusing on improving student retention and long-term collegiate success. This committee will make recommendations to coordinate and align campus student coaching efforts to ensure they employ best practices to achieve the greatest possible outcomes.

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  • First Year Experience and Students in Transition Council

    Under the direction of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies, informed by the Graduation Initiative Steering Committee (GISC), this group identifies, researches, and implements initiatives, interventions, and strategies designed to increase retention, decrease time to degree, and enhance the undergraduate student learning experience as these students navigate key points of transition along their educational journeys. The ultimate goal is strengthening students’ academic success at CSU San Marcos. 

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  • High-Impact Practices Committee
    This cross-divisional group facilitates undergraduate students’ mastery of critical skills and advocates the use of high-impact practices (HIPs) that support achievement of undergraduate learning outcomes across the colleges. 

    Goals include establishing benchmarks, increasing student participation, and providing guidance in scaling-up CSUSM HIP tracking. 

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Other ad hoc groups may be created as needed to address identified issues.

If you have questions regarding student success initiatives or have student success related information that you would like to share with the campus community on these web pages, please email