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Student Success

Student Success

Our Success is Measured by Our Students’ Success

student with degree at grad paradeA shared principle of our collective work as faculty, staff, and administrators at CSUSM is that supporting student success and removing barriers that impede students on their academic journey is the foundation of everything that we do.

To enhance the University’s ability to achieve this outcome in a coordinated and effective manner, CSUSM launched the Student Success & Retention Initiative in the spring of 2020. Under the joint leadership of the Provost and Vice President for Student Affairs, the initiative’s overarching intended outcomes are to ensure that the essential structural elements needed to support student success and retention are in place and that organizational efforts are coordinated, sustainable, and effective. The information presented on this and accompanying web pages is intended to provide a central point for the campus community to stay up to date on campus structures, initiatives, and progress in supporting our students’ success and achieving their academic goals.

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Ongoing Student Success Initiatives

All elements are intended to enhance a focused, data-informed strategy to support success at all stages of the student life cycle.


Establish an institutional definition of student success to focus our efforts.


Use a variety of data sources and analytical tools to explore options and inform action.


Adopt a customer relationship management system to connect systems, processes, and people.


Align existing student success efforts across campus to maximize our impact.


Share information, provide updates, and celebrate our successes and to engage the campus community.

Enrollment, Success, and Retention Committees

Relevant Data Sources for Student Success