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John Bowman

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Student Success Coach
(760) 750-8522

A little about me...

I am originally from Manhattan, NYC and now live in Temecula CA. I'm a U.S. Marine Corp Viet Nam Veteran. I was a High School and Middle School Counselor in L.A. and San Diego. I Teach GEL at Cal State San Marcos. I enjoy guiding and helping young adults plan their future through college and beyond.

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Education Background

  • Bachelor of Science: Business
  • Masters of Arts: Education with School Counseling.

Advice for First-Year Students

Don't be afraid to reach out for guidance and support while attending college. There are many resources available beyond your imagination here at Cal State San Marcos.

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Fun Fact

I am a professional musician during my after work hours. I play all the Saxophones. I play in many Big Jazz Bands, Pop/Rock Bands, and Smooth Jazz Bands in San Diego and Los Angeles. After the Viet Nam war, I served in the US. Marine Corps Field Bands as a Drum Major and Saxophone Player.

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 Favorite Quote

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent
about things that matter”
- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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The App on My Phone That Gets the Most Attention

Facebook is the app that gets the most
attention on my phone because I post pictures and videos of my musical performances.

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Most Commonly Used Emoji

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Favorite Vacation Destination

My favorite vacation destination in still my hometown, NYC. Family and friends are still there and there is so much to do. (When there is NO PANDEMIC)