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Joshua Foronda

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Student Success Coach
(760) 750-4905

A little about me...

I am a military dependent. I was born in Japan and graduated high school in Guam. I love basketball, football, videography, and Japanese food. I
am currently in my Master's program for counseling at San Diego State University.

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Education Background

  • Bachelor of Arts : Criminology & Justice Studies and Sociology, CSUSM

Advice for First-Year Students

As we adapt to our new environment of teaching, just remember to be kind to yourself. Try to find your community within the cougar family. Don't be afraid to ask any questions and seek  mentorship early. Lastly, attend your professor's office hours.

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Fun Fact

I love the culture of stepping (Stomp the Yard) and slam poetry.

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 Favorite Quote

"Don't be just like anyone, be better for everyone by being just yourself."

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The App on My Phone That Gets the Most Attention

Linkedin. The ability to connect with individuals on a personal and business standpoint is beneficial and refreshing. Also, I love reading articles that are relevant, challenging, and insightful. For example, I read an article about "Why following your passion is terrible advice."

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Most Commonly Used Emoji

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Favorite Vacation Destination

Baguio, Philippines