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The Brain Project

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What is The Brain project?

We know that digital tools are rapidly advancing their functionality as it relates to assisting humans with making sense of large amounts of data, information, and knowledge. As educators, we encounter a plethora of data, information, and knowledge. If you are like me, you have digital articles, paper journal articles, and other relevant material and documentation stored in a variety of places. The Office of Success Coaching has obtained a user-friendly digital tool that can not only store information and data but can process information and create mind maps, that help to create connections between all the information.

The Brain is a digital tool that can warehouse data and knowledge in one place, while organizing it for meaning and intentionality. It is user friendly and purposefully creates links between all data points regarding accumulated about student development, student achievement, persistence, success coaching, mentoring, the importance of intentional academic advising, major selection, degree guidance and completion, career readiness, and many more. The Brain software is the first and only thought processor designed to allow users the opportunity to capture ideas and information and form it into a network. A bonus of this product is that it that matches the way we think!

The Benefits of Digital Thinking

As we move further into a knowledge economy, we know that intellect will become an increasingly important value and commodity. At the core of preparing for a society where knowledge is king, is incorporating a new way of framing what we acknowledge, understanding what we believe and acclimating to how we respond to and crafting a more equitable and inclusive higher educational community. Design Thinking and Human Center Designed is pivotal to this conscious way of being and drives the operations of the Office of Success Coaching. The Brain Project affords us an opportunity to Ideate, Examine and Analyze new knowledge, and adapt new and relevant higher education practices. If also affords us the opportunity to improve on the way we develop policies, establish procedures, and expand on our praxis.

Moreover, The Brain Project allows us to do this by digitizing our minds by providing a real-time picture of our thoughts and ideations. Thereby, providing us with the opportunity can refine our ideations and develop relevant solutions.

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Storing the Wisdom

This digital tool can store and process unlimited amounts of data and turn it into relevant wisdom. It is always in a ready mode, so you can write notes for all your ideas, thoughts, and insights. Save files, web pages, images and even emails for instant access to the project.

Knowledge Fund

Having open access to knowledge is what The Brain tool can offer. It can work across multiple platforms and computers and can be synchronized between multiple machines. A fund of knowledge is easily accessible at anytime from anywhere.

Find anything instantly.

Using the digital tool of The Brain, we can explore, understand, and make relevant what is needed to become better practitioners. We have critical knowledge at our fingertips in seconds, as it searches the database and connects to worthwhile information. Providing incredible agility, The Brain helps the user to develop an informed context, provides an immediate visual understanding, thereby empowering the user with a sense of wisdom.

Empowered Management of Files

Linear thinking is outdated and has lost its usefulness. The Brain tool organizes data and information more related to the way human beings organize information, and under multiple categories or projects. All things can be linked to everything else. Tracking and saving several versions of ideations, adding notes, and tagging documents with priorities, and building creative and amazing mind maps, help to create a greater sense of understanding.

Relational Learning and Processing

The Brain tool helps you in understanding how your ideations, data, and information are related. Using the principles of visualization and design thinking we can also locate important knowledge and information that helps us to make connection to concrete understanding and practical solutions.