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Alternative Consultation

Because implementation of an Academic Excellence and Student Success fee would  impact a broad array of constituents across the campus and community, it was determined that the alternative consultation process would provide the greatest opportunity for input. The importance of the proposed fee necessitates greater participation than would be expected from a referendum process. Per CSU Executive Order 1054, Student Fee Policy and Miscellaneous Course Fee Delegation of Authority, campus presidents may use alternative consultation when a referendum is determined to not be the best way to reach a broad audience.  President Haynes determined that the use of alternative consultation was more appropriate than a student fee referendum.  This decision was based on the consistently low voter turnout the campus has experienced during ASI elections and other fee referendums held on campus.  Alternative consultation ensures that students from all aspects of campus life have an opportunity to participate in decisions regarding fee increases and the use of those fees.  Since such actions also impact faculty and staff, it was appropriate to use alternative consultation to solicit their feedback as well.