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Super STEM Saturday at CSUSM

2022 Booth Info




Title Location What You'll Learn Booths Designed For:
Take Flight w/ General Atomics Markstein Plaza Magnetics, electromagnetics, and the theory of flight with General Atomics.  
Do You Know DNA w/ Thermo Fisher Markstein Plaza Engage in a Strawberry DNA Extraction Experiment.  
Tri City Medical Center Markstein Plaza Explore the medical field sciences with Tri-City Medical Center! | Middle School | High School
The Harmonics of Breathing Markstein Plaza Participants play with a life support device connected to a harmonica to learn how the way we breathe impacts the sounds that we make.  
Lab Rats w/ Viasat Markstein Plaza Come check out the Viasat booth featuring San Diego Lab Rats where fun and engaging STEM activities are sure to spark your curious mind!    
Science with Soda Palm Court Explore the gas in soda, blowing up a ballon, watching raisins dance, and making a soda fountain! | Elementary School
Elephant Toothpaste Palm Court Learn how to make this fun at-home activity!  
CELL-ebrating Organs Palm Court Explore a variety of preserved organs to look at up close in test tubes along with prepared slides from each organ.   
Bristlebots Palm Court Create little robot bugs using toothbrush heads, mini motors, batteries, decorative supplies and tape.  
Wind Power & Renewable Energy Palm Court Build a 3 ft wind turbine to generate and store wind energy in a battery to power toy cars. | Elementary School | Middle School
Good and bad algae Gonzalez Grove Learn about the concepts of “good algae”, which produce the oxygen we breathe, and “bad algae”, which may form algal blooms in lakes and along the coast, can be toxic to fish, dogs, and our local sea life.  
Bioplastic Gonzalez Grove Create a sculpture from a bioplastic that you will make from milk.  
Feathered Friends Gonzalez Grove Experience the diversity of birds and learn about adaptations for feeding and flight  
Health & Wellness With Horses Gonzalez Grove Examine the anatomy of a horse and what is required to keep them healthy.  
The Nose Knows - K9 Search and Rescue with CARDA Gonzalez Grove Meet the volunteer search teams and learn about the science of olfaction in canines.  
We Will Rock(et) You! Gonzalez Grove Look to the sky as physicists launch rockets every 20 minutes!    
Out of This World Science Chavez Plaza Solar telescope viewing with the CSUSM Physics department.  
Squad Up with UPD Chavez Plaza Learn about our University Police Department at CSUSM and tour a squad car!  
Stack It Up! Forum Plaza Conduct an experiment to see if you can stack the most cups or create the highest stack in 1 minute.  
Brain Challenge Games Forum Plaza Come challenge your brain with our fun selection of brain games! Try out Giant Jenga, Giant Scrabble or Giant Dominoes and even get a chance to make your own brain game to take home with you! Are you up for the challenge?  
Pluripotent Plinko; Which Cell Will You Get? Forum Plaza Learn to tell the difference in stem cells and how important this is for research.  
Without Geometry, Life is Pointless Forum Plaza Fun, hands-on math and science activities for kids, which includes practicing graphing, number sense and basic laws of physics.  
Science Olympiad Builds and more Forum Plaza CSUSM Collaboration with Great Oak High School (Temecula) High School Students.  
Density Rainbow Forum Plaza Layer up some liquids you have at home.  How many layers can you make?  Can you tell the density of a popcorn kernal with your new gauge?  
I See UV Forum Plaza Made a beaded bracelet that allows you to see if the UV from the sun is strong enough to need sunscreen today.  
Electric Jell-O Forum Plaza Use static electricity to explore the polarity of gelatin and Jell-O. | Elementary School
Freaky Foam Faces Forum Plaza Explore polyurethane polymers by making foam and decorating a monster face. | Elementary School
Naturally Colorful! Forum Plaza Explore compounds found in plants that are used as dyes. Create your own natural work of art! | Elementary School
Upcycling is Going to the Dogs! Forum Plaza Create dog toys from old t-shirts for your pet or donate to a local shelter.  
De-ice the Roadways Forum Plaza Explore compounds used to deice roadways and what environmental impacts they have.  
Fun with Paper Circuits! Forum Plaza Create a paper circuit that lights up an LED and is powered by a battery to learn what it's like to be an engineer!  
Fingerprinting Fun Forum Plaza Did you know your fingerprints are unique to you and only you?  Have you ever looked closely at your fingerprints?  Take this chance to analyze yours!    
Helping Nature Forum Plaza Create a wildlife crossing demonstration and identify animal tracks.  Get excited about planting a native garden to help pollinators.  
Brain Power Forum Plaza Learn more about speech language pathology.   
Catapult Challenge Forum Plaza Pull, Aim, Fire!  Become an engineer and create your very own catapult.  Have fun testing your catapult to see how far it can launch objects. | Elementary School
Catapult Chaos Forum Plaza Design a unique catapults to see how far and accurate different projectiles can travel.  | Elementary School
Build a Catapult Forum Plaza Learn how energy can be convertered from one type to another, and transfered from one object to another, by building your very own catapult!   | Elementary School
Climate Change Cabbage Forum Plaza Blow out of a straw onto cabbage and watch it change color as the Co2 in your breath changes its pH.  
Peeking at your cheek! Forum Plaza View your cheek cells under a microscope.  
The Healing Power of Puppy Love Forum Plaza Visit with certified therapy dogs to increase your oxytocin levels or sit and read a book with them.  All ages
Feathers and Flight Forum Plaza Come learn about the many functions and purposes of bird feathers. You will make a fun "feather- copter" to take home. | Elementary School
Triangles and Squares Challenge Forum Plaza Test your math skills to determine the amount of triangles that appear in an image and/or how many ways from one point to another on a square grid.  
First Aid ABC's Forum Plaza Master the science of caring for others with the first aid ABCs.  
Bead Pattern Bracelet Forum Plaza Come and design a beautiful  bracelet using colored beads organized in a creative pattern.   
Exploding Boomerang Forum Plaza Assemble a boomerang made of popsicle sticks by using opposing forces.  Once assembled, engage in target practice to watch the boomerang hit the target and explode. | Elementary School
Blooming Blossoms Forum Plaza Witness the wonder of capillary action!  Come make a paper flower and watch it bloom!   
The Great Chain Reaction Forum Plaza Start with a coin and end with a gum ball with so many reactions to watch along the way!  Come see potential energy turn into kinetic energy in some remarkable ways.   
CSUSM Community Ethnobotany Garden Forum Plaza Learn how people use plants in the CSUSM Community Ethnobotany Garden, which is maintained by the Anthropology Department.  
COVID Vaccination Clinic Forum Plaza Get your COVID vaccine at Super STEM Saturday through the County of San Diego HHSA Vaccine Operation.  *Located at the Transit Center below the Ethnobotany Garden.  
Chopper Design  Forum Plaza Come be an engineer and learn how to create a paper helicopter. Test your design and see how it lifts.  | Elementary School
Optical Illusions Forum Plaza Come create a fun optical illusion and see how your brain can "trick" you into seeing something else! | Elementary School
Da Vinci Bridge Buidling Forum Plaza Discover how to build a Da Vinci Bridge using pencils.    
Junkcade Forum Plaza Homemade arcade games using household equipment like spatulas and toilet plungers.   
The Colors of Chemistry Forum Plaza Whether or not you like to eat red cabbage, you are going to love doing science with it by making your own red cabbage pH indicator. This is an amazing kitchen science experiment that turns solutions different colors as if by magic!   
Math Magic Forum Plaza Come see the magic of math! Students can play a variety of fun math games that will test your brain. Whether on your own or in a group, these games are sure to be a favorite!  
Float Your Boat Forum Plaza Come use your creativity and determination to design a boat that can float and carry precious cargo!  
Can you step through an index card? Forum Plaza You are only a few cuts away from scientifically stepping through an index card. It may seem impossible, but you too can step through an index card! | Middle School | High School
Robotics: Team Roboctopi Forum Plaza Interested in robotics? Come drive a ring throwing robot! | Middle School | High School
Robot Sandwich Forum Plaza Watch an industrial robot autonomously make a grilled cheese sandwich! | Middle School | High School
Better Than Magic Chemistry Show Forum Plaza Be dazzled as chemistry takes center stage in this exciting show for all ages at 11AM and 2PM in the USU Amphitheatre.  CSUSM students will talk about lab safety and research in between shows.  
AirCare International Kellogg Plaza Go inside a real ambulance and learn how to be prepared for an emergency.  
Starbucks -CSUSM Kellogg Plaza Food Vendor  
Neff Coffee Roasters Kellogg Plaza Food Vendor  
Cali Food Truck Kellogg Plaza Food Vendor  
Born in Brooklyn Kellogg Plaza Food Vendor  
Go Go Food Truck Kellogg Plaza Food Vendor  
Kona Ice Kellogg Plaza Food Vendor  
Marble Roller Coaster Challenge U Hall Plaza Can you construct a roller coaster that will carry a marble from top to bottom?   
Create and Launch a Rocket! U Hall Plaza Create a rocket and launch it hundreds of feet into the air!  


Special thanks to title sponsors Viasat Hologic , Thermo Fisher, and The County of San Diego, along with all of our festival sponsors for nurturing a passion for curiosity and discovery.