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2023 Booths

2023 Program Map

  Between Markstein Hall and the Veterans Center Entrance

Welcome to Super STEM Saturday!                                                              Free Parking in Lots E, F & H.

* Mark Plaza Information Booth Questions about the event?  Stop by and we are happy to assist!  This booth is also where Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts can pick up badge information.  Enter a raffle for a 4-pack of tickets to Legoland Carlsbad and pick up a fun gift from Gravity Sponsor, The Difference Card.
1 Mark Plaza The Central Dogma of DNA with Encodia Learn about the Central Dogma with Candy DNA!
2 Mark Plaza Saving Water with Calsense Interact with different devices to learn the science and technology behind saving earth's most precious resource: water. 
3 Mark Plaza General Atomics Discovery Center Experience ectromagnetics, plasma and liquid nitrogen, eddy curent levitations, LED games and more!
4 Mark Plaza Lab Fun with Tri-City Medical Center Explore the medical field sciences with Tri-City Medical Center!
5 Mark Plaza Accounting and Math with North Island Credit Union Learn about accounting and math with puzzles and games.
6 Mark Plaza HME Speaker Building Build your own speaker activity.
7 Mark Plaza Bubble Lava & the DNA of Strawberries with Themo Fisher Engage in a strawberry DNA extraction experiment and learn how lava forms bubbles in a volcano.
8 Mark Plaza Build a LEGO satellite with Viasat Come check out the Viasat booth where fun and engaging STEM activities are sure to spark your curious mind!  Build a LEGO satellite with Viasat.
9 Palm Court Science with Soda Place balloons over a soda bottle to catch the gas, drop raisins in graduated cylinders of raisins, and watch a Mentos Fountain every 15 minutes. 
10 Palm Court Density Rainbow Investigate liquids with different densities by making a rainbow.
Messy, but very fun and safe.
11 Palm Court Animal Nests Explore how animal nest are built to keep the eggs warm. 
12 Palm Court Exercise Your Skills Experiment with several fitness tests and exercise models to see how you compare to college athletes. 
13 Palm Court Potato Batteries Using potatoes to power LED lights.
14 ACD 102 The Amazing World of Physics Show Come be inspired and amazed by the science and glory of the physical world!  Shows at 12PM and 2PM in ACD 102.
15 Uhall Patio Freaky Foam Faces Explore polyurethane polymers by making foam and decorating a monster face.
16 Uhall Patio Durable & Biodegradable Bioproducts Learn about the process of biodegradation and what bioproducts can replace current plastics!
17 Uhall Patio A Plank Ton of Fun View live plankton through a microscope and then build your own plankton using everyday items.  Test your plankton to see if it can be neutrally buoyant in water (neither floating at the top nor sinking at the bottom). 
18 Gonzalez Grove Feathered Friends Experience the diversity of birds and learn about adaptations for feeding and flight.
19 Gonzalez Grove Health & Wellness With Horses Examine the anatomy of a horse and what is required to keep them healthy.
20 Gonzalez Grove The Nose Knows  Determine how well you can identify a scent! Learn about scent molecules and how sensitive some animals sense of smell can be.
21 Gonzalez Grove K9 Search and Rescue with CARDA Meet the volunteer search teams and learn about the science of olfaction in canines.
22 ARTS Dirt Lot We Will Rock(et) You! Look to the sky as physicists launch rockets every 20 minutes. 
23 ARTS 240/ ARTS Dirt Lot Better Than Magic Chemistry Show Be dazzled as chemistry takes center stage in this exciting show for all ages!  Shows at 11:00am and 1:00pm in ARTS 240.
23B ARTS 240  ACS Chemistry Demo Experience how chemistry is put into action with a fashion show exploring material science of the textile industry with the Mesa College American Chemisty Society student organization.  Show at 3:00pm in ARTS 240.
24 ARTS Breezeway Science Fair Walk of Fame Hosted by students from the Classical Academy, come visit the Science Fair Walk of Fame from 10:00AM-1:00PM. 
25 ARTS/Forum Walkway Moon Under a Microscope Learn from high school scholars in the NASA Aerospace Academy about lunar simulant and view it through laptop microscopes. 
26 ARTS/Forum Walkway UPD @ CSUSM Learn about our University Police Department at CSUSM and tour a squad car!
27 Chavez Plaza Out of This World Science Solar telescope viewing with the CSUSM Physics department.
28 Chavez Plaza Build a Bristle Bot Build a mini motorized robot out of toothbrush heads with STEM Ambassadors from CSUSM.
29 Chavez Plaza STEAM in Lights Create custom water colors in mini test-tubes and plug them into a super-sized Lite Brite peg board and watch your back-lit design come to life!  
30 Chavez Plaza MICROplastics a MEGA problem Learn about microplastics and plastic pollution in the natural environment.  Sieve through sand (like on a beach) to find the tiny pieces of plastic that hide within. 
31 SCI2 Lobby Robotics Showcase! Robots That Race, Run, and React! Showcasing some of the exciting ideas regarding robots which have been implemented by the members of the CSUSM Robotics Club. 
32 SCI2 242 Develop Video Games! Learn how we develop video games and then play them!
33 SBSB 1101 Think Critically with Minecraft! Learn on how to construct these redstone contraptions, including wall-flush redstone door and an automatic firework launcher. 
34 SBSB 1102 Electrify Me! Prepare to be amazed by Dr. Schlonkle and the Amazing 400,000-Volt Van De Graaff Generator! Witness the strength of plasma, the fourth state of matter! Participate in several hands-on static electric charge activities and demonstrations.
35 SBSB 1103 The Chemmys Engage in chemistry demos and experiments inspired by movie and television shows with the Palomar College Chemistry Club.
36 SBSB 1105 Exploding Boomerang Create a boomerang with popsicle sticks! Throw it like a ninja star and see it explode! 
37 SBSB 1107 Great Oaks High School Atoms Family Values Have fun learning about atom building and computer interface games.
38 SBSB 1108 Building Blocks of Coding Build your very own video game by mastering basic programming principles with CSUSM engineering students.
39 SBSB 1109 Science of Tortillas Demonstration on the science of tortillas, including an explanation of the process of Nixtamalization and how corn can be made into tortillas. 
40 SBSB 1111 Play 3D Math Can you solve the 3D puzzle?
41 SBSB 1111 Fun with Math! Can you solve the geometry puzzle?
42 Forum Plaza Stack It Up Attack Conduct an experiment to see if you can stack the most cups or create the highest stack in 1 minute. Players will see who can build the highest tower of plastic cups.
43 Forum Plaza Maze Builder Players will build a maze out of pipe cleaners and then blow a ping pong ball down their maze. 
44 Forum Plaza Super Easy Flyer! Use straws, paper and tape to create a paper flyer to compete in a distance challenge.
45 Forum Plaza The Colors of Chemistry You don't have to like eating cabbage to love doing science with it by making your own red cabbage pH indicator.
46 Forum Plaza Burst Your Bubble Blow giant bubbles by mixing contents to make a bubble solution.
47 Forum Plaza Rocks that Rock! Learn about geology and view the interesting rocks and fossils on display.
48 Forum Plaza Bead It! Do you see the UV?  Learn about light (electromagnetic) radiation by making a bracelet or keychains out of UV absorbing pony beads.
49 Forum Plaza Electric Jell-O Charge up a balloon on clothes or with fake fur and place it above a plate of gelatin to see what happens.
50 Forum Plaza Copper Corrosion Dip iron nails in copper sulfate solution and discuss the reactions you see!
51 Forum Plaza Making Acid Rain Watch acid rain being formed and learn about what we do to prevent it.
52 Forum Plaza Cartesian Divers Dive deep into the science of SCUBA diving while you watch your diver respond to pressure. 
53 Forum Plaza Naturally Colorful! Explore compounds found in plants that are used as dyes. Create your own natural work of art!
54 Forum Plaza De-Ice The Roadways Explore compounds used to de-ice roadways and what environmental impacts they have.
55 Forum Plaza Wand Making and Paper Circuits! Create a paper circuit that lights up an LED and is powered by a battery to learn what it's like to be an engineer!
56 Forum Plaza Snap Circuit Challenge Have fun completing challenges while learning the basics of circuitry. Create light, sound an alarm, and build a flying saucer in a snap!
57 Forum Plaza What are the Odds? Wouldn't it be nice if you could walk through paper, learn magic, or win some cool swag? Swing by to test out your mathematical skills and see how lucky you are!
58 Forum Plaza Make it Fly Explore the science of flight as you create a paper airplane, then compete to see who can fly the greatest distance.
59 Forum Plaza/Kellogg Reading with Rover Visit with certified therapy dogs to increase your oxytocin levels and learn about our furry friends.
60 Forum Plaza Brain Games Come challenge your brain with our fun selection of brain games! Try out Giant Jenga, Giant Scrabble or Giant Dominoes and even get a chance to make your own brain game to take home with you! Are you up for the challenge?
61 Forum Plaza Design a Snowflake  Design a snowflake using marshmallows and toothpicks.
62 Forum Plaza Build a Tower: Gumdrop Structures Using 10 gumdrops & 20 toothpicks, design a structure that can hold the weight of a large textbook. 
63 Forum Plaza What is Pi All About?  Using Circles to Discover the Digits of Pi How many digits of pi can you discover by using the circumference and diameter of common household circular objects?  Add your name to the list to see if you can be the most accurate!
64 Forum Plaza Group 3x3x3 Cubing Competition Witness an exciting competition as teams of eight work together to solve 25 3x3 Rubik's cubes! Join us for a speed competition (no registration required):  Group Competition from 11AM-12PM or  Individual Competition from 12-2:30pm.
65 Forum Plaza Fingerprinting Fun Stop by to start learning all about your DNA! 
66 Forum Plaza What's in that Liquid Solution? What is that liquid over there? Will it be safe to drink or is it toxic?
67 Forum Plaza Float Your Boat Ahoy! Are you ready for a nautical challenge? Use modeling clay to shape a boat that can carry the most cargo.
68 Forum Plaza Discover Sound Waves Come explore the effects of sound waves with tuning forks and water.
69 Forum Plaza/Kellogg Test- Tubular! Utilize plastic test tubes to learn more about plastic's impact on the ocean with ambassadors from CSUSM Sustainability, Maker Space, and Center ARTES.
70 Forum Plaza Super Taster Testing and Ethnobotany Garden Scientists believe most super-tasters have the TAS2R38 gene which increases bitterness perception. Using tasting strips individuals can see if they are super-tasters. Visit the Ethnobotany Garden and learn about the unique uses for the plants that is maintained by the CSUSM Department of Anthropology.
71 Forum Plaza Explore with Magnets Take a guess at which objects are magnetic.  Are there magnetic rocks in our local sand?  How many paper clips can your magnet hold? 
72 Forum Plaza Build a Catapult & Popsicle Stick Catapult Make your own catapult and test its throwing capabilities!
73 Forum Plaza Paper Footballs Explore the science of aerodymanics by playing this unique take on paper football!
74 Forum Plaza Myth Busters:  Sports Medicine Edition Participate in activities designed to improve your knowledge of treating athletic injuries by debunking common myths.
75 Forum Plaza Loopers! The Incredible Hoop Glider It's a bird, it's a, really, what is that?  Come build a weird looking glider with us.
76 Forum Plaza Paper Helicopters Make a paper helicopter and experiment on how increasing weight affects its flight.
77 Forum Plaza Chopper Challenge Be challenged to construct different sized choppers and test what size best propels objects with so many reactions to watch along the way.  Come see potential energy turn into kinetic energy in some remarkable ways. 
78 Forum Plaza Bead Pattern Bracelet Design a beautiful  bracelet using colored beads organized in a creative pattern. 
79 Forum Plaza Playing with Stem Cells Learn about cell differentiation from stem cells as well as a way to see where cells come from.
80 Forum Plaza Seeing Inside You with Ultrasound Use a portable ultrasound scanner to see the Doppler heartbeat in the radial artery.
81 Forum Plaza Hide and Seek Check out various animal skulls and see what conclusions you can make by studying the placement of their eyes, ears, nose and teeth.
82 Forum Plaza What Makes Bridges Strong? Come learn about real-life bridge design. Use your knowledge of forces to build a strong bridge that supports as much weight as possible -- using only paper.
83 Forum Plaza DaVinci Bridge Buidling Build it like Leonardo! Take your time, be precise, and you can build a surprisingly strong bridge out of chopsticks.
84 Forum Plaza The Spaghetti Tower Marshmallow Challenge  Test your skills in design, creativity, and engineering to build the tallest structure possible using limited supplies (spaghetti, tape, and string) that can support the weight of a marshmallow.  
85 Forum Plaza Optical Illusions Guests will make their own optical illusion to amaze their friends and family in this hands-on booth.
86 Forum Plaza Tangram Jam Discuss Geometric shapes and their spatial visualization capabilities.
87 Forum Plaza Chiller the Chess-Playing Robot! Try your hand at defeating Chiller, the Chess-Playing Robot at the classic game of chess!
88 Forum Plaza Imagine and Engineer! Little ones can engineer buildings, towers, or whatever their imaginations can think of with the Children's Discovery Museum!
89 Kellogg Plaza AirCare International See a real ambulance and learn how to be prepared for an emergency.
Food Kellogg Plaza Starbucks -CSUSM Food Vendors
Food University Student Union Panda, Qdoda, Crashes Café Food Vendors
Food Kellogg Plaza Born in Brooklyn Food Vendors
Food Kellogg Plaza Mexico City Cuisine Food Vendors
Food Kellogg Plaza Kona Ice Food Vendors
90 Kellogg Plaza Come and Play Chess View demonstrations on an extra large chessboard and then challenge yourself to a game of chess!
91 Kellogg Plaza Marble Roller Coaster Challenge Can you construct a roller coaster that will carry a marble from top to bottom? 
92 Kellogg Plaza It's Just Rocket Science Design and make a rocket. Then launch it hundreds of feet into the air!