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Sustainable Cougars Home Office Program


The Sustainable Cougars Office Program is back! Due to the ongoing pandemic and the transition to online platforms our beloved SCOP program was paused. Now we are able to offer a new updated version of our SCOP program that assesses your home office space, and other Sustainable components in your home. The Sustainable Cougars Office Program at CSU San Marcos seeks to engage our faculty, staff and students in sustainability efforts within offices and departments and now at home. Take the Sustainable Cougars Home Office Challenge now!

The program aims to make individuals aware of how their everyday actions have an impact on our environment and how each of us can help make a difference. It is a fun way to challenge oneself and coworkers or fellow students to achieve the highest level, Platinum.  

Upon completing our survey you will receive a certificate with your score on it, and will have the option to be entered into an opportunity drawing for a zero waste kit (we draw winners at random times throughout the year), as well as the option to display your score on our scoreboard page.

Take the Sustainable Cougars Home Office Survey here!