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Long Distance

Dialing Instructions

 On-campus Calls

Dial the 4-digit extension from any campus phone.

Calls within the 760 area code

Dial 9 + 1 + the 10 digit phone number. 

Calls outside the 760 area code

Dial 9 + 1 + the 10 digit phone number.  Enter an authorization code if prompted.

From classroom phones and phones in general areas, authorization codes may be required for toll free and local calls.

Call Charges

$.01 Local Calls
$.03 within California (Intrastate)
$.04 outside California (Interstate)

Authorization Codes

Authorization codes are required from some phones.  The system will prompt for calls outside the 760/442 area codes.  After dialing 9+ the number, you will hear 1 beep.  Enter your authorization code after the beep.  For international calls, there will be a pause for a few seconds before you hear the beep.

International Calls

You will need an authorization code with authorization to place international calls (not all authorization codes have the capability of making international calls.) 

Use the Phone Resources webpage for additional assistance with placing an international call.

Dialing Instructions

  • Dial 9
  • 011 (the international access code)
  • The country code (can be found in the front of the white pages)
  • The city code (white pages)
  • The local telephone number
  • After the beep, enter your long distance authorization code

International Faxes

Follow the directions above for making international calls.  When programming a fax call, enter 4 pauses between the phone number and the authorization code.

Information on International Codes