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Voicemail System Instructions       

Setting up Your Mailbox

From your office phone

  • Press the voicemail button
  • Enter the security code of 4000

From off campus

  • Call 760 750 3400
  • Press # when the system answers
  • Enter your Extension
  • Enter the security code of 4000
  • Complete the TutorialUse the 4000 security code for the first time only
  • After that use the security code you set
  • Enter new security code (Remember what you entered - can be 4-15 digits)
  • Record your name
  • Record your standard greeting

Choosing a Security Code

  • Please do not use your mailbox extn, 1111, 1234, etc. 
  • Make it more secure to prevent spoofing your mailbox and to ensure privacy.

Please contact (x4530) if you need assistance.