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Advisory Board

Guided by an advisory board of key stakeholders and industry experts the Environmental Leadership Institute (ELI) connects experts across the diverse fields of environmental sciences, policy, education, and planning to provide independent and qualified analysis of some of the region’s most critical issues.

ELI Advisory Board focuses on six core areas of concern in the Southern California region: land, water, waste, energy, transportation, and air.

ELI Advisory Board

ELI further focuses on the vital (yet often overlooked) interface between science and policy, providing scientific assessment of pertinent issues while also making the link to relevant policies, laws, regulations, and legislation.

We are bringing together a varied cross-section of partners within the region that represent a diverse cross-section of the environmental industries, perspectives, and issues.  We envision the Institute partners to help support the Institute as subject matter experts, advisory board members, mediators, curriculum development experts, instructors, researchers, and financial and promotional supporters.

Current Members:

Executive Committee Board Members

  • Candice Gantt-Williams, Environmental Engagement & Sustainability Mgr. - Southern California Edison
  • Daniel McGivney, Environmental Affairs Program Mgr., Environmental Policy & Affairs - Sempra Energry/SoCalGas
  • Ken Chawkins, Public Policy Manager, External Affairs & Environmental Strategy - SoCalGas
  • Robert Visconti, Regional Affairs Manager - SoCalGas
  • Clarke Pauley, Vice President, Organics & Biogas Division - CR&R Environmental Services
  • Jennifer Nevills, Integrated Resource Planning Manager - Metropolitan Water District
  • Paul Jones, Eastern Municipal Water District
  • Rick Bishop, Executive Director - Western Riverside Council of Governments 
  • Curtis Brown, Staff Chief - Safety, EMS - CAL FIRE
  • Tim Edwards, Rank and File Director, CAL FIRE Local 2881

Partner Board Members

  • Wade Hall, Principal - Ambient Communities

Education Board Members

  • Ginger Greaves, Executive Director - Children's Nature Education Fndn, Santa Rosa Plateau/Environmental Education Collaborative 
  • Mike Tracey, President - San Antonio Hospital Fndn/Lewis-San Antonio Healthy Communities Institute

We are currently seeking advisory board members for ELI.  Properly comprised and structured, this board will provide expert and informed guidance, serving as a tremendous ally in the success of the Institute by helping to establish priorities and identify projects.

An advisory board provides a degree of consistency, longevity and institutional memory to ensure that the intent of the Institute is being met.

Advisory Board Membership Levels

Executive Committee Members – Voting Members

  • Founders/visionaries/stewards for environmental leadership
  • Provide expertise, new thinking and best practices for evolving priorities
  • Establish priority Institute projects
  • Annual funding commitment ($10-30K)

Partner Board Members – Committee Members

  • Key stakeholders/professional services providers
  • Provide professional expertise and serve as advisors to
  • Executive Committee
  • Annual funding commitment ($5K)

Individual Board Members – Committee Members

  • Independent professional services providers
  • Provide professional expertise and serve as advisors to
  • Executive Committee
  • Annual funding commitment ($2,500)

Contributors – Supporting Sponsors

  • Regional organizations/stakeholders
  • Provide support for specific services or events
  • Sponsor commitment ($1-5K)

If you're interested in applying for Advisory Board membership, please contact us at:

Environmental Leadership Institute
Temecula Higher Education Center
43200 Business Park Drive
Temecula, CA 92590
(760) 750-3020

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