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Best Practices

It is recommended that employees sign up for Direct Deposit for Reimbursements. This is a different system than with payroll. When reimbursements are direct deposited into the employees’ bank account, the employee will receive their reimbursement faster, avoid checks being lost in the mail, and promote sustainability. To sign up for Direct Deposit for Reimbursements, please fill out this Direct Deposit Form and submit to Mercedes Wilson in Accounts Payable.

Pre-trip Approval

A Travel Request Form is required prior to a business trip taking place. This also applies to any request for Travel Advances and Pre-paid registrations. Please be advised that we encourage all frequent travelers to apply for a US Bank card instead of seeking for Travel advances. For any prepaid registrations, please make sure to check with your department contact as a procard can be used as payment. 

Airline Fares

We request that all travelers seek for lowest fare options online or through an agency of preference.

Coach or Economy Class or any discounted economy-class fare shall be used whenever ticketing restrictions are reasonable. 

Business Class travel is permitted based on the following criteria's:

  • Coach class is more expensive
  • Time Restraint
  • Long Haul Connections

NOTE: Approval needs to be obtained in advance from the Executive Chancellor/CFO, President. For more information, you can refer to the CSU Travel Procedures

Hotel Booking

CSUSM maintains negotiated hotel agreements and this should be selected to maximize discounts. Our preferred hotel page, can provide you with extensive information you would need before you book your hotel stay. All hotel bookings are for business related travel only. 

NOTE: A valid CSUSM ID will be required when you check-in with one of our preferred hotels. 

US Bank Travel Card

Any traveler employed by CSUSM is strongly encouraged to apply for the US Bank Travel Card. This allows travelers to pay for the travel expenses without having to use any personal credit card. The US Bank Travel card is a personal liability travel card and should not be used for any personal expenses. All late fees are non-reimbursable as the cardholder is responsible for paying the balance in a timely manner. For more information on how to apply for a US Bank Travel Card, refer to the US Bank Travel Card Information site.

Travel Reimbursement Requirements

As part of our policy, all travel reimbursement claims would need the following:

For International Travel, please include:

Mileage Reimbursement Requirements

  • Travel Authorization Form
  • Travel Claim 262
  • DD Certification
  • License Plate Number
      • In order to promote sustainability, please note that Google Maps are no longer required

NOTE: Please make sure to fill out the DD certification and Vehicle License Portion on the Travel and Expense Claim 262 form.

For more information, refer to the CSU Travel Procedures for details. 

Personal Travel

CSU will only reimburse the staff member for expenses during the time he/she have been required to travel for business. Any personal travel combined will not be reimbursed.