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Markstein 202

  • Type: Active Learning Classroom
  • Capacity: 48
  • Control System: Push-button
  • Instructor's Station: Lectern (Windows OS)
  • Board: White
  • Special equipment: large tablet screen

  1. Level 1 – the furniture. The old rows of lecture seating are gone, and instead student group workstations are ready to promote project-based work and small group discussion. White boards are ready to take notes, and there’s plenty of room for the instructor to join the group or help.
  2. Level 2 – adding technology. The student group stations have power built into them, which, combined with wireless networking, makes it easy for students to use their own devices in their work. In addition, each station has its own built in computer and large monitor. Combine this with collaboration-friendly apps in the cloud like Google apps, and you’ve got a great modern environment for getting things done.
  3. Level 3 – sharing around the room. When the projects are done and it’s time to share the results, the instructor can share the screen from the instructor’s station around the student screens, or designate any of the groups as “presenter” and share their screen around the room.