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Welcome to Center Management with Accudemia

What Accudemia Does

Accudemia is an appointment scheduling and center attendance software designed to facilitate attendance and report data. This program is being used in many centers and departments on campus to track visitation/appointments by students and guests, the services used, and obtain feedback from personalized surveys created through Accudemia.

This service provides various reports on overall attendance, tardiness, absences, appointments made, no shows, attendance by service, counselor or subject area, new visitors, and any comments made. You can also see who is currently signed in at your center or classroom, manually sign students in and out or make appointments, create a waiting line, and configure your settings. Keep everyone up to date on what is occuring in your center or classroom with Accudemia.

Accudemia features:

  • Student visits tracking
  • Create groups of students
  • Online appointment scheduling
  • Create an online schedule to facilitate appointment scheduling
  • Feedback collection via online surveys
  • Real-time management of waiting lines (Intake System)
  • Traffic analysis and attendance reports
  • Share reports by email with anyone
  • See the days and times of the week when your center is busy
  • See which services are being used the most
  • View usage and allocate time and resources appropriately
  • Import/Export tools to easily integrate it with student management systems
  • Who's In screen
  • Ability to keep notes on sessions
  • Customized access levels
  • and more!

Accudemia Support