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Services for New Students

The following are common technology support topics for new or incoming students.  These are the top things students need to know about technology at CSUSM.  

View our accessible printable PDF of the services we offer to CSUSM students: 

Student Technology Services Guide

Helpdesk Location and Hours

The Student Technology Helpdesk (STH) is located on the 2nd floor of the Kellogg Library.

7 am - 7 pm Monday through Thursday
8 am – 5 pm Friday
Closed on Saturday and Sunday

With the 24/5 library policy, the Technology Learning Center (TLC) located at the Kellogg Library 2nd floor, is also open from Sunday 10 am to Friday 5 pm (open 24 hours for 5 days). The TLC is also open from 9am-5pm on Saturdays.

CSUSM Email (Gmail) Setup and Access

It is important to setup your CSUSM Email (Gmail) and to regularly monitor the Inbox for important campus messages.

For CSUSM Email (Gmail) setup and access on a phone, see the phone setup instructions for both iPhone/iOS or Android.  

If you are trying to login to your Gmail for the first time but are not able to, then you may have to change your password. Please proceed to the link to reset your password:

CSUSM Email set up? Login here!

Student Email Login

Username and Password 

 Once you setup your username & password, you will be able to access a variety of CSUSM resources with this login info such as MyCSUSM, Gmail, Cougar Courses, and more.

Forgot Username - If you forgot your campus username, please go to the campus homepage and use the search box in the top right-hand corner of the page. Type in your name then hit enter, and a box appears (“Departments and People”) with your name and your campus username.

Forgot Password If you are unable to log in and you know your campus username, please go to the Change Password page and click on "Forgot Your Password." You will be asked to enter your username, and then answer your security questions.

If you don't remember your security questions, please fill out our online Student Password Reset Request Form, and if your submission matches the information on-file with the university, we will be able to respond with a temporary password and instructions for creating your own password thereafter.  

If you wish to get your username/password in person, you can come to Student Technology Helpdesk with a valid photo ID.

CougarApps - Free Software 

We are happy to offer all CSUSM students CougarApps a technology to provide access to a rich set of software applications previously only offered on campus computers. CougarApps gives you the opportunity to access campus applications and your files from anywhere at anytime.

Checkout Technology

We highly recommend you download our CSUSM Campus App. One of the benefits is that it has a digital form of your ID; when you want to check out something, you can just use your phone instead of your CSUSM ID card. 

The equipment checkout is available from the Student Technology Help Desk.  You can checkout camera equipment, Go Pro's, computers and iPads.  Student ID is required.  

If you want to check out a laptop or iPad from us, you can check it out at Student Technology Helpdesk if you are a current student at Cal State San Marcos. Student ID is required.  The usual check out time for computers is one week, laptops is three hours, and we do not have overnight checkouts.

Download Office Suite

 The Microsoft Office Suite is available for all current students.   You just simply need to go to the website  and download it from there. 

Please note during login that instead of logging in as ( you log in as (

Download Adobe Suite

The Adobe Suite of applications is available for all current students.  The IITS Adobe download page instructions can be referenced for more information.  

Using Zoom for Web Conferencing

The Zoom web conferencing application is available for all current students at .  

Printing using Pawprint

CSUSM has over 50 print stations throughout the campus. These stations allow for students to release print jobs that have been submitted to the Paw Print queues at all hours of the day. Print jobs carry a cost per-page cost and is available to all students. Printing costs $0.12 per black and white page, and $0.25 per color page.

Printing a Poster

 If you need to print a poster, please ask for a Poster form from the Student Technology Helpdesk (STH) and we can help you with the process. Poster printing is a 72-hour turn around so please plan accordingly. Payments are made at the Cashier’s Office located on the 3rd floor of Craven (Cougar Central).

Cost of printing posters:   If one side is larger than 42 inches, multiply it by $0.67.  If both sides are less than or equal to 42 inches, multiply the shorter side by $0.67.

Setting up Wi-Fi

CSUSM has fast and reliable wireless network across campus in most outdoor and indoor locations. As a member of the CSUSM community you can connect to the wireless network using your campus username and password.  Check the wireless setup instructions to get connected using different types of devices (iPhone, Android).  

Cougar Courses (CC) Login

If you are having trouble accessing CC, then you may need to clear your browser’s cache and cookies and make sure to clear it from “All Time.”

Login to MyCSUSM

If you are having issues with logging into MyCSUSM, but can access Cougar Courses, you will have to submit a password reset form.  

Please submit only one form. If you think that you may have entered the wrong information or have questions, please contact us at