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Student Leaders

Tukwut Life Team


Porcha Ingram

Tukwut Life Team Advisor

(760) 750-4962


Melissa Aparicio

Melissa is a fourth year student double majoring in Criminology and Sociology. Melissa believes that every student should feel like they are an important member of their campus community and remember CSUSM as one of the best experiences they have ever had, which is why she is so excited to have this opportunity to enhance student life.



Karely Ramirez

Karely is a fourth year Child and Adolescent Development major with a minor in Psychology. She is so excited to help enhance student life at CSUSM because she knows how important it is for students to get involved. By planning Friday Night events for students, the TukWut Life Team will be helping to provide a platform for students to get involved and be apart of student life here at CSUSM.

Jahlan Loche

Jahlan Loche

Jahlan is a second year Human Development major at CSUSM. She joined Tukwut Life Team as a way to get involved and attend more on-campus events. She wants to be able to reach out to students and make them feel welcome, which she says is what she loves the most about CSUSM.


James De La O

James is a second year Computer Science major with a minor in Arts & Technology. He joined TLT as a way to get involved, spread school spirit and create valuable relationships, experience, and memories. He feels that CSUSM is uniquely diverse and welcoming to people of all backgrounds, which is why he is so proud to call our campus home.


BLU CRU Captains


Jamie Ondatje

BLU CRU Advisor

(760) 750-7406


Ramon Hernandez

Ramon is a second year Human Development major at CSUSM. He says that he is excited to be a BLU CRU leader because he can help bring school spirit to life on our campus


Demitra Hoang

Demitra is a Biochemistry major and is currently in her third year at CSUSM. She is excited to strengthen student life at CSUSM because she believes that all students should be united. She wants to help increase campus pride because it fuels the love that we have for our amazing campus!


Emmanuel Morales

Emmanuel is in his third year at CSUSM and is majoring in Chemistry here at CSUSM. He is so grateful to be a part of this movement that our university has to offer for the greater good of the students!


Fatima Rios

Fatima is majoring in Political Science with a minor in Border Studies and is currently in her second year at CSUSM. She is excited to have the opportunity to encourage students to participate in campus activities. She says that she can’t picture herself at any other University other than CSUSM and that is the feeling of belonging that she wants to share with her peers. 


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