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Student Leaders

Tukwut Life Team


Porcha Ellick

Tukwut Life Team Advisor
(760) 750-4962


Jahlan Loche-Program Coordinator

Fourth year Child and Adolescent Development Major

“I joined TLT to get involved on campus. However, being on the team for 3 years now, it means much more to me. Our campus is growing and developing every year and by being on TLT I feel I am a part of that growth. I love meeting all the amazing people whether that is through our events or at u hour.  TLT gives me the opportunity to really be connected with this campus and also be a part of the growth at CSUSM.”


Mikayla Meneses-Program Coordinator

Third Year, Mass Media Major

“Since I first stepped foot on this campus it has provided me with ways to help me grow in unimaginable ways and the only way I can give back to the campus is by giving my time to help enhance other students’ college experience by helping coordinate fun, interactive, unforgettable programs!”


Anyssa Sanchez-Graphic Design and Social Media

Second year Psychology Major

“My reason behind joining TLT was because I wanted to leave my own print on CSUSM, I wanted to leave my own legacy and make everyone’s experience on and off campus unforgettable.”




Shai Garcia-Mays-Spirit and Traditions Coordinator

 Second year Political Science Major

“I decided to join the TLT team because I wanted to become more invested in our campus. I wanted to organize events where all students are welcomed and a place where students are able to meet new friends. I also wanted to bring excitement to each event so that students never want to miss one of our events!”




Paola Gomes-Campus Liaison

Second Year Child and Adolescent Development Major, Spanish Minor

“I decided to join TLT to make an impact on students’ college experience on the CSUSM campus.”