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Department Contacts

The following contacts have been identified for each department to help answer any additional questions or concerns you may have.


Admissions & Student Outreach

Antoinette Davis Admissions and Residency Specialist   760-750-4805 Administrative 3700
Career Center Andres Favela Intirim Director

760-750-4105 Administrative 1400L

Dean of Students Office 

Jennie Ruiz Associate Dean of Students

760-750-4935 USU 3500
DREAMER Resource Office Josefina Espino Office Coordinator

760-750-4863 Administrative 4100H

Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)

Francisco Checa Retention Counselor  760-750-4886 Administrative 4100G

Financial Aid

Elizabeth Lopez Diaz Financial Aid Technician 760-750-8580 Administrative 3700

Financial Aid

Jessica Esparza Financial Aid Specialist  760-750-4852 Administrative 3700

Financial Aid

Sandra Carrillo Financial Aid Advisor 760-750-4854 Administrative 3700

National Latino Research Center

Lilian Serrano Research Coordinator 760-750-3504 SBSB 2142

Office of Internships

Monica Gillie Internship Coordinator 760-750-7007 Craven 1400

Office of the Registrar

Lisa Medina Registrar

760-750-4840 Administrative 3900

Service Learning

Rochelle Smarr Assistant Director 760-750-4003 Extended Learning 560

Student Financial Services (Cashiers)

Jenni Reed Cashier  760-750-4838 Administrative 3800

Student Financial Services (Cashiers)

Karen Jara Cashier  760-750-4831 Administrative 3800

Student Outreach and Referral (SOAR)

Patty Diaz SOAR Coordinator

760-750-6025 USU 3500

Undergraduate Advising

Benita Ramirez Academic Advisor 760-750-4098 Administrative 1300C

Undergraduate Advising

Silverio Haro Academic Advisor 760-750-4164 Administrative 1300H