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USU Rewind

A podcast created by the University Student Union at CSUSM.

USU Live! unpacks college life at CSUSM. The team tackles pop culture, hot topics, college 101 advice, events, and more.


S1E4 – Quarantine Adventures

Quizzes, papers, and lectures, oh my! Take a break with this week's special guests Sebastian Ayala and Mason Broadway as they recap with the team on some of their adventures. 

S1E3 – Happy is Healthy, Getting in the Right Headspace

Mental health is important, take a break with USU Live as they unplug and get real on keeping your mind in a great headspace.

S1E2 – Ship It or Sink It, Long Distance Relationships: Part 1

USU Live sits down with special guest Julissa Briseño to discuss relationships: what it’s like to maintain and grow a long distance relationship, how to make long-lasting friendships, and more.

S1E1 – Adjusting to CSUSM @Home

In this week's episode the team talks about tackling school from home, pop culture tv shows, and awkward Zoom moments.