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How do I get my GI Bill started at CSUSM?

  • The first semester you will use your benefits, you will need to turn the following:
    • Certificate of Eligibility (COE)
    • Student Responsibility Agreement (SRA)
    • Please note: COE & SRA only need to be turned in once

How do I apply for the Cal Vet Fee Waiver?

  • You will need to submit your application and supporting documents to your local County VA Office. Please visit the Cal Vet Fee Waiver website for more information.

Does the Cal Vet Fee Waiver cover Summer & Winter Intersession classes?

  • No, it does not cover Summer or Winter terms since they are put on by Extended Learning. Cal Vet Fee Waiver DOES NOT cover extended learning or extended studies courses. Please visit the Cal Vet Fee Waiver website or call a County Veterans Service Office more information.

Where do I turn in my approval letter for the Cal Vet Fee Waiver?

  • Once approved, you will take the approval letter directly to the Cashier’s office.

When do I turn in my SRA*?

  • Once you are enrolled in classes.

Can I turn in my SRA* early? I know will be in classes for the next semester(s).

  • No, we will take your SRA only when you are enrolled in classes.

Do I need to turn in an SRA* every semester?

  • Yes, this notifies us that you would like to use your benefits for that semester.

Do I need to turn in a separate SRA* for each semester?

  • Yes, a separate SAR for each term; i.e. one SRA for Winter, one SRA for Spring.

Can I take classes at another college while attending CSUSM & have the GI Bill cover it?

  • Yes, as long as it is part of your degree plan. You will need a Parent Letter.

    After you enroll in classes at that school, submit a copy of your class schedule, along with the contact information of the school to the Veterans Center. The Veterans Center will then send over a Parent Letter to that school.

    Make sure your class schedule for the Parent Letter shows the following information:
    • enrollment in class
    • number of units
    • name of class

It is my last semester and only 2 classes left on my educational plan, is there anything I can do to be considered for full-time status?

  • Yes, you can do what is called a roundout. A roundout allows you to take classes that are not towards your major to bring you to full-time status your last semester.

*SRA = Student Responsibility Agreement, formely the "Intent Form"