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ASI Elections with Hands

Meet the 2019/2020 ASI Elections Candidates!

Upcoming Events

Date Time Event Location
March 7, 2019 12:00 pm Meet the Candidates Event

USU West Pavilion Dining Area

March 13, 2019 7:30 am Coffee with the Candidates Event USU Commuter Lounge
March 21, 2019 12:00 pm Candidate Open Forum Event Library Plaza

ASI Board of Directors Elections 2019/2020

On behalf of Associated Students, Inc. and the ASI Elections Committee, we would like to thank you for your interest in your student government! The ASI General Election is the regularly scheduled election for all ASI elected offices. It is held annually the week prior to CSUSM Spring Break.

Any questions may be directed to the ASI Elections Committee

General Election Information

Before you begin your ASI Board of Directors application, we require you to review  the following information and documents:

ASI Elections Timeline and Important Dates:



January 28, 2019

ASI Elections Information Posted at

February 4, 2019

 ASI Election Applications Available at

February 7, 2019

ASI Elections Information Session: UVA Classroom at 8:00 PM

February 8, 2019

ASI Elections Information Session: USU 3700 at 11:30 AM

February 11, 2019

 ASI Elections Information Session: USU 3700 at 5:00 PM

February 19, 2019

 ASI Elections Information Session: USU 2310A at 12:00 PM

February 20, 2019

 ASI Election Applications due by 12:00 PM

February 26, 2019

 Mandatory Approved Candidates Meeting: USU 3700 at 12:00 PM

February 27, 2019

 Make-Up Mandatory Approved Candidates Meeting: USU 3700 at 5:00 PM

March 4, 2019

 Candidates may being campaigning

March 7, 2019

 Meet the Candidates Event: USU West Pavilion Dining Area at 12:00 PM

March 13, 2019

 Coffee with the Candidates Event: USU Commuter Lounge at 7:30 AM

March 21, 2019

 Candidate Open Forum Event: Library Plaza at 12:00 PM

March 25, 2019

 ASI Elections Open at 7:00 AM

March 27, 2019

 ASI Elections Close at 5:00 PM

March 28, 2019

 ASI Elections Results Announced: USU Arcade at Noon

Elections Committee

Learn more about the ASI Elections Committee on the ASI Board of Director's Committee Page.