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OU Campus Version Upgrade on 6/20/19

OU Campus will be updated to a newer version, but this will not affect your user-interface experience. However, we need to shut down the server at about 10:30 AM on 6/20/19. The outage time for this is estimated at 3-4 hours, so please do not plan on authoring web content during this day after 10:30 AM. We will post an "all clear" message here when services have been restored.

Past Updates

Site-wide OU Campus publish on 5/20/19

A publishing of all content in OU Campus is needed to updated pages with fixes related to the template structure and to update the canonical references for pages from http to https (this affects our search indexing). See the Communication Archive for a copy of the detailed email regarding this event.

Communication Archive  OU Campus Feature Updates

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